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Applying for Canada Visa

If you are applying for a Canadian visa through the online mode then there are certain types of documents required. Before we proceed further, let us define what a Canadian visa is. The term refers to a visa that is granted to a foreigner to enter the country. The Immigration Canada website provides detailed information on various types of immigration visas available to people from various countries. A visitor visa is one type of visa while a permanent resident visa is another type of visa.

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For those who wish to apply for a visitor visa or for those who are eligible for an immigrant visa then they will be required to submit certain documents. Yes, from 2021, it is now mandatory for applicants to give biometric information – fingerprints and photos when applying for a Canada visa. A Visa application can only be conducted one month before your actual departure to Canada. So, if you plan to visit Canada in the coming 6 months then please make your visa application by then.

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On the other hand, if you are eligible for an immigrant visa then you have to apply online and submit the necessary documents in your name. After which the concerned authorities would process your visa within one to six months. However, before you plan to apply online for any type of visa, it is advisable that you seek the help of an Australian visa consultant because getting a visa from Australia is not that simple as getting a visa from any other country. Hence, do not waste time but contact an Australian visa consultant so that you get to know the required procedure and the time frame required for the application.

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