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Assistant Manager Jobs in Canada

If you want to work as an Assistant Manager in Canada, there are several different types of jobs available. Depending on the company and your experience, you could make as much as $62,035 per year.

Read on to discover more about these types of jobs and what they involve. You may find it difficult to choose between these jobs, but you will definitely find one that fits your needs and wants.

Assistant Manager Hiring

Assistant Managers are typically expected to have three to five years of experience. They should also have worked in similar industries and have knowledge of industry-specific terminology.

They should have at least a high school diploma or GED. The role also requires a high level of leadership, which often requires additional training.

Assistant Manager Job Description

The job description should also outline the daily duties of the Assistant Manager. A high school diploma or GED is usually required, but post-secondary education can also be an asset.

The Assistant Manager reports to the manager and works closely with them to ensure that store operations are smooth and efficient. In addition to supporting the store manager, the Assistant Manager also plays a key role in recruiting and developing associates, and ensuring that store operations are compliant with head office policies and procedures.

Tim Hortons Company

As an Assistant Manager with the Tim Hortons Company, you’ll be responsible for all aspects of the store’s operation. This includes helping to maintain high standards for Tim Hortons products, increasing profit levels, and creating a fun work environment.

You’ll also be expected to positively influence others and learn from seasoned Operators. You’ll have the chance to develop real-world management skills and get paid well.

The Tim Hortons Company is committed to providing employees with benefits and perks that are tailored to their lifestyles. Benefits include paid holidays, vacation time, and personal time off. In addition, the company offers recognition programs and scholarships for post-secondary education.

Additionally, the company promotes a culture of community involvement, hosting an annual Camp Day fundraiser to support the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. This foundation supports various programs to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged children.

Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian chain of coffee and donuts that employs thousands of people across Canada. Originally founded in Hamilton, Ontario, the chain has expanded its menu as consumer tastes and habits have changed.

Today, many locations offer 24-hour drive-through service, and most of its restaurants are franchised. However, many are still company-owned and operated.

Assistant Manager Duties

Hiring Organization Tim Hortons
Post Name Assistant Manager
Qualification At least 1 year of previous management experience in Quick Service. Tim Horton’s experience is an asset.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$18 Hourly
Location Stirling, ON, Canada K0K 0B1

As an assistant manager, you will be responsible for supporting the Lead Manager in implementing and managing the organization’s operations. You’ll also be responsible for customer satisfaction and employee performance.

In addition, you’ll be required to delegate tasks and provide clear direction to your Associates. You’ll have to inspire sales and customer service, and you’ll need to project the company culture.

As an assistant manager, you’ll also be responsible for the store’s operations when the store manager is absent. This includes overseeing opening and closing procedures, restocking processes, and coaching your team. You’ll also need to comply with the company’s standards of operation, whether in the store or head office.

Effective assistant managers have the ability to communicate effectively with employees, stay organized, and manage time efficiently. Education can help you develop these skills, and there are many institutions that offer management programs.

Some even offer online courses. Although education alone can’t guarantee you a job as an assistant manager, it will give you an edge over other applicants.

Assistant Manager Skills

As an assistant manager, you will be tasked with the overall operation of a retail store. Your day will involve evaluating performance metrics, meeting with the store leadership team, and coaching staff to meet goals and objectives. You will also be responsible for customer service and employee satisfaction. These duties may require further education or training.

Assistant Managers in retail and restaurant settings must be detail-oriented and have a strong customer service focus. This is an important role because the Assistant Manager is responsible for coordinating the guest experience from the moment they walk in.

They will also be responsible for ensuring that the food served and customer service provided is of the highest quality. They also play an important role in training the restaurant’s crew. In addition, candidates must be flexible and be available to work five days a week, including weekends.

Assistant Manager Responsibilities

The Assistant Manager is responsible for a variety of tasks. Among their responsibilities are ensuring that their stores are running smoothly and providing exceptional customer service.

They also oversee the opening and closing procedures of their stores. They also work with the Store Manager to develop operational plans. The Assistant Manager is the link between upper management and the employees.

They perform management duties such as keeping inventory, evaluating employee performance, checking employee schedules, coaching staff, and managing customer service.

In addition, the Assistant Manager is responsible for overseeing the store’s operations when the store manager is not available. They oversee the opening and closing procedures, supervise customer service, and oversee restocking procedures. They also must comply with head office requests regarding the operation of the store.

The Assistant Manager’s responsibilities vary depending on the industry. While retail is a common field for assistant managers, assistant manager responsibilities may be more technical in other fields, such as engineering or medical. In the latter, further training and education may be necessary.

Assistant Manager Qualifications

If you are looking for an Assistant Manager position in Canada, there are a few qualifications you need to have. As an Assistant Manager, you will work with a Lead Manager to implement the strategic plan and ensure that operations run smoothly. This position will also require you to work evenings and weekends, depending on business needs.

To qualify for this role, you must have a high school diploma and three to five years of relevant work experience. The experience should be in a similar field or industry to the one that you are applying for.

You should also be familiar with industry terminology and have demonstrated leadership experience for at least two years. You should also have a diploma, GED, or higher academic certification.

In the retail industry, assistant manager jobs involve managing employees and managing inventory. This role is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and the smooth running of the store.

Assistant managers are also responsible for evaluating employee performance and verifying employee schedules. In addition, assistant managers are responsible for supervising the work of other staff members and must be able to maintain calm communication under pressure.

Assistant Manager Salary

The average Assistant Manager salary in Canada is $40,981 per year or $21.02 per hour. However, this does vary depending on the experience and company. It is important to note that the salary for an Assistant Manager may be significantly lower for those with less than two years of experience, and a much higher salary for those with five or more years of experience.

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