Construction Laborer Jobs in the USA

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Construction Laborer Jobs in the USA

If you’re looking for a job in construction, you may be interested in Construction Laborer Jobs in the USA. Construction laborers perform the physical labor on construction sites and often work on many different types of projects.

They also handle clean-up and preparation on construction sites and may specialize in traffic control or operating heavy equipment. Below you’ll find information about Construction Laborer Jobs in the USA and what they entail.

Urgent Recruitment for Construction Laborers

If you are searching for construction laborer jobs in the USA, there are several options that may interest you. These jobs typically require lifting up to 75 pounds and working around 60 hours a week, occasionally in the elements.

A construction laborer performs physical labor on construction sites, preparing the site, loading materials, and removing any hazards. Construction laborers may also operate heavy equipment and assemble temporary structures.

Additionally, they may also organize the site once the project is complete. These workers are essential to the building and highway construction industries, as well as the remediation of the environment. You can explore your options as a construction laborer by visiting the website below.

Job Description

A Construction Laborer is a hardworking, responsible, and safety-conscious individual. Their job duties may include setting and transporting explosives, working with blueprints, and using various tools to complete projects.

Additionally, they may direct traffic during the construction of a new road or building, and operate heavy machinery. As a construction worker, you’ll work on sites for residential and commercial construction projects.

Your work can include erecting temporary structures, operating forklifts and skid loaders, and sweeping construction sites. Other duties may include loading supplies and equipment onto the site and using spray guns to apply them.

You might even be assigned to place appliances and fixtures in a kitchen or put up scaffolding for a commercial building. A construction laborer’s job description varies based on the type of construction laborer they are.

Some are general construction workers, while others specialize in road crew jobs. Regardless of the type of construction laborer you are looking for, there are a variety of career options available to you.

Greener Solutions Company

If you’re looking for construction laborer jobs in the USA, you’ve come to the right place. Greener Solutions offers construction laborer jobs in the USA in a variety of fields, including wind energy, solar energy, and re-engineering homes.

The company also has opportunities for experienced workers, as well as entry-level construction workers. Entry-level positions involve general labor, mechanical assembly, and electrical wiring. Other duties may include basic spotting of a forklift operator and dirt-grading.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Greener Solutions
Post Name Construction Laborer
Qualification General knowledge of construction.
Industry Construction
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $17 to $25 Hourly
Location Stockton, CA, USA 95201


The Construction Laborer job description focuses on the activities that a general laborer performs during the construction process. They perform physical labor on construction sites, clean sites, erect temporary structures, set braces, and carry out other tasks.

Construction laborers also perform safety and health regulations, conduct daily toolbox talks, and manage fires. They also assist other construction team members.

Construction laborers perform physical labor during construction projects. These laborers often operate a variety of hand and power tools, dig trenches, and set braces for excavations.

They also perform general labor skills, including preparing surfaces for paving and directing traffic during road construction. Laborers also perform demolition work as required.

Their duties vary depending on the company they work for. For example, a construction laborer can work for two different companies, one in the construction industry and another in a different sector.


To obtain one of the many available construction laborer jobs in the USA, you must possess the right skills and experience. These occupations require skilled workers with various hard skills.

These workers must be physically fit and able to do a wide variety of tasks, including operating power tools and hand tools. They must also be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions. Other skills required are punctuality and the ability to multi-task.

You should know that the demand for construction laborers should reflect overall construction activity. Increased construction activity may mean steady job opportunities for laborers. Additionally, an increase in offsite prefabricated components may create a steady demand for laborers.

Regardless of the reason, this job requires excellent math skills. If you are passionate about working in a construction environment, then this might be an excellent opportunity for you. There are numerous opportunities for those who have a knack for math.


The Construction Laborer is responsible for performing physical labor on construction sites. Their tasks may include loading construction materials, dismantling and reassembling temporary structures, and clearing dangerous areas.

They may also operate equipment, clean up debris, and remove waste materials. They are responsible for helping other team members and are expected to follow instructions and safety regulations. Their responsibilities also include the demolition of buildings after construction is completed.

General laborer jobs require a high school diploma and the ability to do physical labor. They may also have to perform construction work outdoors, in all types of weather.

General laborers must be reliable and punctual. Many positions require extensive training in the construction field. Some positions even require certification as a certified hazardous material remover. Construction laborers may also need to be physically fit, as many of these jobs require long hours of standing.

In general, construction workers clean up the construction site, operate power tools, and pour concrete. They also install sewer drain pipes, install water, and storm drain pipes, and clean up debris. Other tasks may require workers to clean sewer systems and underground tunnels.

Those who work in demolition sites may also use explosives and equipment. They also assist craftsmen and demolition workers. In addition to working on sites, construction workers may also work in hazardous materials areas, which include mining, petroleum, and coal.

Job Benefits

Construction laborer jobs are full-time, and they require lifting heavy equipment and materials. For example, cement mason helpers must lift cinder blocks that weigh up to 40 pounds each.

In the USA, construction laborers may also earn construction certifications. Construction certifications may be required in scaffold building, welding, or concrete finishing. Earning these certifications can also help workers move into more complex positions.

With experience and knowledge, construction laborers may become qualified for welding, erecting scaffolding, or finishing concrete. Some construction laborers advance into craft occupations such as carpentry or plumbing, as their skills and experience increase.


The Salary for Construction Laborer Jobs in the USA is expected to grow at a rate of 7 percent over the next decade. Demand for these jobs should increase as the overall construction activity grows.

Construction laborers perform similar job duties across industries, such as commercial building construction, residential construction, and infrastructure construction. Additionally, they drive to customer construction sites to install temporary power equipment.

The Salary for Construction Laborer jobs in the USA varies greatly, depending on the specific position. The field of construction is vast and requires many different skills. Some positions pay more than others, including construction managers, elevator installers, and boilermakers.

The Salaries for these jobs depend on several factors, including experience, education, and location. For example, a construction laborer can earn a higher salary in a metropolitan area than in a rural area.

This is due to the fact that there are more construction jobs in big cities than in rural areas. However, it should be noted that the cost of living is higher in large cities.

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