Dishwasher Jobs in Canada

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Dishwasher Jobs in Canada

Are you looking for a job in the hospitality industry and have excellent English language skills? If so, then you should check out the Dishwasher Jobs in Canada. These jobs require excellent English language skills and half-year of experience.

To qualify for these jobs, you must be between the ages of 22 to 40. Besides a high salary, these jobs also come with great benefits. To be considered for these jobs, you should have the right attitude and the desire to succeed.

Urgent Recruitment for Dishwasher

For those who are looking for a job that requires long hours of work, standing for long periods, and occasionally lifting up to 60 pounds, you might consider a career as a dishwasher. Many companies are in need of dishwashers, but you may not know where to look.

The job requires a person to have excellent physical fitness and a knack for washing dishes. The benefits are excellent too. In addition to a competitive wage, you can expect to receive benefits, including health insurance and pension plans.

These types of positions are always in high demand. If you are a native English speaker, you can apply for a dishwasher job online and apply for it in your locality. If you have a background in hospitality, you will be able to find a job in Canada that suits you best.

Job Description

In Canada, you can become a dishwasher if you have experience in a similar position and possess a good command of English. It is also important to be physically fit, as this job requires lifting heavy objects and standing for long periods of time.

For the job, you should have at least a year of relevant work experience. You should also be physically fit since you will need to lift up to sixty pounds several times a day.

Canadian employers offer an excellent salary package and a work permit. If you’re foreign-born, you must have a valid passport to enter the country.

Kennedy Catering Corporation Company

If you are looking for a dishwasher position, then Kennedy Catering Corporation is hiring. They recently published a job notice for this position. All applicants should have some educational qualifications as well as some prior experience in a dishwasher position.

Candidates can expect a salary between $600-$750 per week and should have legal work status in Canada. Applicants should also be willing to relocate to Canada. You can check out the detailed job description and apply right away.

Those looking for a new career in the food service industry may want to consider applying for a job with Kennedy Catering Corporation Canada. The company has many dishwasher positions available throughout Canada.

The company also offers government jobs across Canada, as well as upcoming government positions. Check out the career portal to learn more about this opportunity. Once you are hired, you will be assigned to a team of dedicated employees who will work to provide excellent customer service.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Kennedy Catering Corporation
Post Name Dishwasher
Qualification Prior experience is preferred but not necessary for this position
Industry Private
Employment Type Temporary
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $600 to $750 Weekly
Location Muskoka, ON, Canada P1L 1P6


The duties of a dishwasher include cleaning pots and pans and sanitizing dishes. They also need to be able to operate and maintain a dishwasher, and they must be able to stand for long periods.

Dishwashers report to the director of culinary services. Their job responsibilities include maintaining the cleanliness of kitchen surfaces and following health and safety regulations. They must be able to function in a fast-paced environment and work as part of a team.

Depending on the type of establishment, a dishwashing machine worker may perform other tasks, such as loading and unloading dishes. They also sanitize the work area, preventing cross-contamination.

In addition, they keep kitchen supplies stocked and emptied. In addition to this, they may have responsibilities such as preparing meals for guests. These duties often involve scrubbing floors and disinfecting equipment.


A solid command of English and the ability to perform manual tasks are essential for a dishwasher job in Canada. An ideal candidate should have at least half a year of work experience in a similar job.

Additionally, they should have the motivation to succeed and the physical ability to lift and carry 60 pounds several times a day. Canadian employers typically offer competitive salaries and benefits, including an annual return work day ticket. For foreign workers, this position requires a valid passport.

As part of the job duties, a dishwasher is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing dishes in restaurants and food service establishments. Other duties include maintaining the cleanliness of kitchen and dining areas, emptying trash cans, and reporting any food safety violations.

In addition, the position requires good customer service skills, good hand-eye coordination, and the ability to function well under pressure. In addition, bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply.


Dishwashers are required to perform a variety of manual tasks that include lifting, bending, stooping, and standing for long periods of time. In addition, you will be responsible for cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining a kitchen environment.

Dishwasher jobs in Canada require the right qualifications. In order to be considered for this job, you should be organized and capable of working under pressure. Most establishments require that you have at least a high school diploma.

Dishwashers clean tableware, glassware, flatware, and cooking equipment, and adhere to sanitation policies. A dishwasher must arrive early at a job and keep a clean kitchen.

Dishwashers must also clean and maintain kitchen equipment, such as a dishwasher, and must maintain the water temperature. If a dishwasher malfunctions, they must report it to the kitchen manager, who will resolve the issue. A dishwasher should also have at least one year of experience.

Job Benefits

As a foreign national, you may be a bit hesitant to apply for a dishwasher job in Canada because of the language barrier, but a foreigner can expect good wages and great benefits.

The job requires a person to have excellent physical fitness and a knack for washing dishes. The benefits are excellent too. In addition to a competitive wage, you can expect to receive benefits, including health insurance and pension plans.

You will be required to have a valid passport and excellent English language skillset. Aside from these advantages, however, dishwashers in Canada have many requirements, including the need for a valid passport.

Dishwasher jobs in Canada are a great way to get a foot in the door of the hospitality industry. They help in all areas of the kitchen, including the preparation and washing of dishes.

As a dishwasher, you can be a part of the cooking process, and you can learn from experienced chefs while working in a restaurant setting. Aside from these benefits, working as a dishwasher can also lead to a higher-paying job in the future.


If you’re thinking about a career as a dishwasher, the pay can be quite attractive. Dishwasher salaries in Canada range from $26,325 per year for entry-level positions to more than $35,100 per year for more experienced ones.

What’s more, salaries are usually based on experience, so you can increase your pay by increasing your years of service. However, you should keep in mind that salaries can vary depending on the company and the location where you work.

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