Janitorial Cleaner Jobs in Canada

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Janitorial Cleaner Jobs in Canada

If you’re looking for a career in the janitorial industry, there are many different types of positions. Light duty cleaners, for example, require no education, while housekeeping room attendants may have to have a certification.

Many of these positions also allow for mobility, so workers can be recognized for their certification in one province and work in another if they wish to.

Urgent Recruitment for Janitorial Cleaner

If you are in need of a full-time janitorial cleaner job, Canada is the right place for you. You can apply for these positions as a foreign worker and will be considered if you are eligible for the job. However, you should carefully review the details of the job and only apply if you are highly qualified.

There are many advantages to working in Canada, including visa sponsorship and big benefits. You will be able to work in many different kinds of establishments, from hotels and motels to shopping centers and medical institutions.

You can even find work in drawing services and educational institutions. Whether you are a skilled or semi-skilled cleaner, there is an industry that will suit your skills.

GDI Services Company, a leading janitorial service provider across the country, is seeking experienced and highly qualified janitorial cleaners. If you have at least two years of experience in cleaning, apply now! 

Job Description

Janitorial cleaners are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of office buildings, residential buildings, and other public facilities. This includes mopping floors, cleaning walls and other surfaces, and sanitizing washrooms.

In addition to keeping surfaces clean, they also must ensure that their tools are in good condition. They must also keep their supply area organized.

The job description of a janitor in Canada includes the following duties. They clean and maintain the interior and exterior of buildings, including receptacles for trash, maintaining and sanitizing floors, and performing minor plumbing work.

In addition, they perform other duties such as stripping floors, waxing floors, buffing floors, and more. In addition to these tasks, a janitor is usually responsible for keeping the building safe for the residents.

A Janitorial Cleaner is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of a business or workplace. Generally, their duties include cleaning the inside and outside of buildings.

Additionally, they clean the washrooms and common areas of offices. Other duties include mopping and cleaning surfaces. They may also clean furniture and floors in warehouses.

GDI Services Company

GDI Services Company is a Canadian facility services provider that provides daily or weekly janitorial services to large and small businesses and organizations.

These services can include vacuuming carpets, dusting desks, and sanitizing washrooms and floors. The company also offers exterior facility cleaning and parking lot maintenance.

The company offers Janitorial Cleaner jobs in various facilities in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. The company is committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in their workplaces.

They are committed to finding job opportunities for people with disabilities and are always willing to work with them to accommodate their needs.

Job Details

Hiring Organization GDI Services (Canada) – 01
Post Name Janitorial Cleaner
Qualification Must be available to work rotating shifts including days, afternoons, and evenings
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$14.55 Hourly
Location Leamington, ON, Canada N8H 0A1


A janitorial cleaner works in an organization that maintains the cleanliness of a space. Their main responsibilities include sweeping, mopping, and cleaning assigned areas. They must follow company procedures.

In addition, they must follow the safety rules and wear personal protective equipment. This job requires a thorough understanding of safety protocols and the proper use of cleaning equipment.

There are many companies looking for foreign cleaners to maintain their properties. This job can be found in various types of establishments, including hotels, motels, resorts, health care facilities, shopping centers, and institutions.

Cleaning service companies are also hiring cleaners. Those who are looking to work in Canada should read the job details carefully and apply for the positions that suit them. After applying, foreigners should wait for an interview call, email, or phone call.


If you are looking for a job in the Janitorial Cleaning Industry, you will need to have the right skills. There are several different types of skills that employers are looking for in their candidates.

These include Disinfectant, English or Polish Speaking, Housekeeping, Scrub, and Customer Service. If you already have experience in these areas, it would be beneficial to mention them on your resume.

If you are a light-duty cleaner, you will be responsible for cleaning the interiors of offices, lobbies, and hallways. On the other hand, a janitor will be responsible for cleaning the exterior.

Those who specialize in light-duty cleaning jobs will be employed by building management companies, condominium corporations, and educational institutions. Other sectors that require cleaners are shopping centers and recreation centers.

Putting together a winning resume is crucial to securing a cleaning professional job. The process is easier than you might think. Focus on your past experience and emphasize your dependability and thoroughness.

Most employers are looking for people who are meticulous and detail-oriented. To get the best job in this field, you need to have the right skills. These skills can be learned and improved. You can also look for volunteer opportunities or take further education courses.

These will help you prepare for your next job opportunity and raise your salary. Make sure that your resume reflects your knowledge and experience.


Janitorial cleaner jobs in Canada offer a wide range of job responsibilities. Aside from cleaning washrooms and common areas, they also take care of general maintenance tasks such as window and walkway cleaning. Some cleaning duties may also include the mopping and sweeping of floors.

This job requires basic cleaning skills. However, fluency in English is helpful. The ability to work cooperatively, take directions, and use cleaning equipment is an asset. As a janitorial cleaner, you’ll be required to use the proper safety equipment while performing your tasks.

A janitorial cleaner’s job involves keeping a building and the surrounding area clean. This can include cleaning floors and washing surfaces inside buildings. They will use light and heavy floor machines to get the job done.

They will also mop and clean rugs in public areas and offices. Other responsibilities may include washing glass in interior doors, washing furniture and exhibit cases, and scrubbing horizontal surfaces.

Job Benefits

If you’re interested in working as a janitorial cleaner in Canada, there are a number of benefits for foreign workers. Many companies hire janitorial staff to keep buildings clean and sanitized.

These workers are needed in hotels, resorts, health care facilities, shopping malls, and more. Janitorial cleaners in Canada have a high demand for their services. The industry is vital for public health.

There are many benefits to working as a janitorial cleaner in Canada. For one, the pay is much better than in other countries like the UK, Asia, or Europe. In addition, Canadian employment law respects work-life balance.

And because cleaning is an industry-wide profession in Canada, there is an established union to support your cause.


The average salary for a janitorial cleaner in Canada is approximately $33,150 per year or $17 per hour, while the entry-level earns an average of $29,738 per year.

A Janitorial Cleaner is responsible for cleaning a wide range of surfaces including windows, walls, upholstered furniture, and operating rooms. In addition, they help ensure that restroom fixtures are clean and sanitary.

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