Janitorial Cleaner Jobs in the USA

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Janitorial Cleaner Jobs in the USA

Many janitorial cleaning jobs in the USA require on-the-job training and specialized equipment. While a college degree is not necessary for entry-level positions, companies are increasingly looking for candidates with experience and competency certification.

The good news for those who are interested in such a position is that there are a number of opportunities in this field.

Urgent Recruitment for Janitorial Cleaner

If you’re looking for a job as a janitorial cleaner, you’ve come to the right place! There are many openings throughout the United States. You’ll need a strong work ethic and good communication skills to land the job you want.

These traits will make you stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of being hired. If you’re a foreign national, you can also contact local business associations to network and find work.

Additionally, there are professional staffing agencies that can help you find a job. These agencies can help you with all of the paperwork and connect you with potential employers.

Job Description

The job of a janitorial cleaner is varied and requires a wide range of skills. These professionals often clean buildings and offices, empty trash, and work as a team.

Janitor jobs may also involve operating industrial cleaning equipment and vans. They may also be required to perform minor repairs and maintain the building’s exterior.

A janitorial cleaner has the ability to provide excellent customer service and maintain a sanitary environment. They must have a basic knowledge of English, and be able to communicate with office staff.

Other requirements include physical activity, such as climbing, bending, and kneeling to clean the floors. A janitorial cleaner’s day typically starts early in the morning and ends in the early evening. They may also work weekends or part-time hours.

Their work requires them to be physically active, often lifting heavy items. As a result, they are at risk of workplace injuries. A janitorial cleaner’s job description may also include outdoor duties, such as mowing lawns and clearing snow.

Some janitors clean public buildings, schools, and hospitals. These workers may also be responsible for fixing minor plumbing and electrical issues. Some may even work as building superintendents, maintaining residential buildings.

Some of these professionals also help landlords collect rent and show vacant units to prospective tenants. The duties of a janitorial cleaner differ depending on the type of job.

Janitors in hospitals, for example, need to disinfect patient rooms, and janitors in schools must know how to use HVAC systems and maintain general building maintenance.

Direct One Recruiters Company

A Janitorial Cleaner job requires you to be able to perform a variety of tasks, including maintaining a sanitary environment. This includes cleaning human waste, cleaning the cafeteria after a shift, and sanitizing windows, commodes, and showers. A good resume is an important asset when looking for a new job.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Direct One Recruiters
Post Name Janitorial Cleaner
Qualification Previous experience in cleaning, maintenance, or housekeeping.
Industry Real Estate
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $17 to $17.05 Hourly
Location Portland, OR, USA 97035


A Janitorial Cleaner job involves maintaining a building’s cleanliness, and this job requires a diverse set of skills. Janitors may mop and vacuum floors, wash and disinfect surfaces, and empty trash and recycling bins. They may also be required to clean outdoor areas, such as parking lots and sidewalks.

As a Janitorial Cleaner, you’ll work under the supervision of a supervisor or custodial manager. Among your duties will be sweeping, mopping, and washing floors in buildings for C&W Services. You’ll also be cleaning surfaces with light and heavy floor machines.

In addition to floors, you’ll also be cleaning rugs in public and office areas, furniture, exhibit cases, and light fixtures. You’ll be working in high-traffic areas, so you’ll need to have a high level of stamina and be able to multitask.


Many people who wish to work in the janitorial field should consider learning some skills. This is a field that is often challenging and requires a variety of different skills.

While cleaning itself may seem like a simple task, there are some janitors who have to supervise a crew of cleaners or manage a long list of tasks.

The job requires physical strength and stamina. Because of the high-traffic nature of this field, workers are often required to climb ladders and move heavy objects.

They are also required to stand and bend for long periods of time. Because of this, it is crucial to develop a high level of physical fitness and stamina.

Apart from physical strength, janitors must also have good time management skills. They have to complete different tasks during their work shifts.

Therefore, they must be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time. They must also possess the ability to manage their workload and communicate with other people.


Janitorial Cleaner jobs in the USA require a lot of physical work. These workers must be physically fit, have good communication skills, and be able to lift and move heavy objects.

They also need to be good time managers. This job can require you to work odd hours, sometimes on weekends, or night shifts.

As a janitorial cleaner, you’ll be responsible for keeping buildings and commercial spaces clean. This includes heavy cleaning duties, such as sweeping floors and mopping.

You’ll also clean walls and wash surfaces, as well as inspect for odors or other potential problems. The job requires you to follow proper procedures for cleaning with chemicals, power equipment, and other cleaning supplies.

Jobs as a janitorial cleaner are available nationwide. Janitors typically work in commercial buildings and offices, although they can also be employed in healthcare facilities.

This job growth is expected to be faster than average. As more businesses outsource their cleaning services, janitors are expected to grow in numbers and demand.

Job Benefits

Currently, there are 2.4 million janitorial cleaners employed in the USA. They keep facilities clean and sanitary, order supplies, maintain equipment, and perform minor repairs.

Janitorial cleaning companies have flexible working hours. They can send cleaning teams to work on any day of the week or on holidays. The company may send temporary replacements if there are shortages in the office.

Additionally, this type of job offers a good work-life balance and a good salary. As a janitorial cleaner, you’ll have many different tasks, including mopping floors, disinfecting restrooms, and vacuuming carpeted areas. In some cases, you’ll be responsible for taking inventory and reporting low cleaning supplies.

There are many ways to get started in a janitorial career. There are a variety of jobs available that will fit your needs and your schedule. Some janitorial jobs are part-time and offer flexible hours.

Some janitors work on a contract basis, so you can decide when and how often you want to work. Some janitorial jobs are even unionized, which gives you the chance to bargain for better wages.


The salary for janitorial cleaner jobs in the USA can range from $21,450 per year to $31,200 per year. The highest paying state pays $31,200 per year to its full-time janitorial cleaners.

This may sound like a low salary, but it’s important to consider that janitors perform physical work, and require the physical strength and stamina to maneuver industrial cleaning equipment.

Some janitors even work in inclement weather, clearing snow early in the morning. Some janitors also work night shifts and may work weekends.

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