Maintenance Technician Jobs in Canada

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Maintenance Technician Jobs in Canada

If you are looking for a Maintenance Technician job in Canada, you have come to the right place. As a Maintenance Technician, you should be willing to work 12-hour shifts, including weekends and holidays.

If you are planning to become a Maintenance Technician in Canada, you will need to prepare for a lot of responsibility. This role involves maintaining and repairing equipment and machinery for the companies that use it.

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You can find full-time and part-time positions. As a Maintenance Technician, you will be working under a Property Manager or Director of Maintenance to perform preventative maintenance and general repairs on a variety of building systems.

This position requires you to have your own car and the necessary tools to complete daily tasks. You will also need to be able to complete minor repairs and diagnose problems based on work requests.

Job Description

A Maintenance Technician’s job involves performing routine maintenance activities and performing minor repairs to machinery, buildings, and other structures. In addition, this role includes assisting with special events and performing groundskeeping activities.

Maintenance technicians may operate machinery and vehicles, drive a cart, or perform minor electrical work within LME guidelines. They must also be familiar with safety regulations and follow procedures for handling tools and chemicals.

In addition, a maintenance technician helps with troubleshooting and repairing installed systems. They also inspect new installations and determine whether they comply with building codes. Additionally, they perform repairs and replace lighting fixtures and maintain the building’s grounds.

They may also perform welding, carpentry, furniture assembly, or locksmith tasks when necessary. They also communicate with management and respond to emergencies.

The ideal candidate for this role is a jack-of-all-trades with excellent organizational and communication skills. They should also be physically fit and willing to work overtime. In addition, they should have basic knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems.

The duties of this position include predicting the need for spare parts and equipment, ensuring proper maintenance of these, and placing orders and expediting them.

Other responsibilities include monitoring the production floor. As a Maintenance Technician, you should be willing to work 12-hour shifts, including weekends and holidays.

Univerca Company

A Maintenance Technician is a skilled person who performs preventive maintenance and repair tasks to keep equipment functioning properly. These individuals have knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic systems.

They also need to be able to program different types of control equipment. A Maintenance Technician can also assist in evaluating the performance of outside service providers.

In addition, they can also evaluate equipment to ensure safety. A Maintenance Technician may work in an office environment or in an industrial setting.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Univerca
Post Name Maintenance Technician
Qualification Previous experience in maintenance or other related fields
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$25 Hourly
Location Saint Catharines, ON, Canada L2M 0A1


In Canada, a Maintenance Technician is responsible for the maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment in the industrial and commercial sectors. The job also requires a good understanding of engineering and a background in mathematics.

Maintenance Technicians need to be motivated and organized. They must also have the ability to read, write and spell, and be proficient in English.

Maintenance technicians help to keep facilities clean and safe. They help to troubleshoot problems and install new systems. They also perform inspections to ensure that new installations comply with building codes.

Other duties include maintaining the grounds and performing carpentry and welding work. Maintenance technicians are also required to respond to emergencies.

A Maintenance Technician reports to a Building Manager, Maintenance Manager, or Head of Operations. In addition, they may hold a certification in HVAC.


Maintenance technician jobs require a variety of skills, including basic computer skills, the ability to read schematic drawings, and excellent communication skills. The job also requires someone to be physically fit and able to work under pressure.

Maintenance Technicians also need to have a valid driver’s license and the right licenses to work in their specific area. They also need to meet strict dress code requirements and be familiar with health and safety regulations.

As a maintenance technician, you’ll work on a wide variety of building systems. You’ll perform preventative and corrective maintenance to ensure that the building’s equipment is safe and working properly.

You’ll also inspect and test building systems and perform other duties as required. In addition to technical skills, you’ll need to have excellent customer service skills and demonstrate courtesy at all times.

Whether you’re mechanically inclined or not, you’ll find a wide variety of opportunities as a Maintenance Technician in Canada. These positions require a range of trade skills, and responsibilities can vary from emergency repair work to preventive maintenance.

Typical duties will include inspecting and maintaining buildings and facilities and installing new equipment, following governmental agency directives, and keeping a company’s procedures up-to-date. Other duties include supervising employees and managing schedules.


The responsibilities of a maintenance technician include the troubleshooting, diagnostics, housekeeping, and repair of production machinery. These technicians also respond to customer service calls and emergency situations.

They must possess knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic components, as well as a good background in troubleshooting. They often travel between properties.

The type of training required for Maintenance Technician jobs varies depending on the industry. Some positions require specialized training and experience, and some employers may require that applicants complete a specific college program or be members of specific associations.

A high school diploma is generally required for most positions, but some may require additional training or certification.

In Canada, maintenance technician jobs are found in a variety of industries. The field offers great opportunities for individuals with mechanical skills. Maintenance technicians in North Bay are responsible for the upkeep of company facilities and equipment.

They also disassemble aircraft engines and test electrical, oxygen systems, and other components. They are also responsible for maintaining and ordering replacement parts and following safety guidelines.

Job Benefits

Maintenance technician jobs in Canada offer a variety of benefits. The position can be highly rewarding for people who are self-motivated and love to learn.

This position may also require technical school training, military experience, or home repair experience. It also has many benefits, including a pension, health insurance, and retirement savings plans.

Maintenance technicians help companies keep their systems and facilities running smoothly by addressing work order requests. They also manage inventory, monitor maintenance costs, and perform preventive maintenance tasks.

In addition to addressing work order requests in a timely manner, a maintenance technician also communicates with management and residents to inform them of any delays or repairs.


Maintenance Technician salaries vary widely depending on the area where you are working. The average salary for this role is around $48,954 per year or $25.10 per hour but you may earn more or less depending on your skills and experience.

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