Maintenance Worker Jobs in the USA

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Maintenance Worker Jobs in the USA

Many maintenance workers have college degrees, but those without a college degree are often hired instead. The most common degrees for maintenance workers are business and general studies.

Less common degrees include criminal justice and liberal arts. Most maintenance workers work for large companies. Some of these companies are hiring maintenance workers, and the number of openings is growing.

Urgent Recruitment for Maintenance Worker

Maintenance workers help to keep buildings and machines running smoothly and in good condition. These workers also help with repairs and apply basic fixes to equipment.

They are responsible for the safety of people and facilities in a building or facility. A high school diploma is usually enough to qualify for a maintenance job. Many of these workers learn on the job and start out performing simple tasks.

Job Description

Maintenance worker jobs require a wide variety of skills and experience. They typically work with heavy machinery and can expect to work in hot, dusty conditions. They may also be required to troubleshoot mechanical problems.

Many maintenance workers are required to travel to various locations. They report to a supervisor and are responsible for solving maintenance problems. These workers often work in teams and must be physically fit.

They should be knowledgeable about electrical and mechanical systems and be able to interpret blueprints. They also need to be knowledgeable about the safety procedures that need to be followed on sites and machines.

Whether working in a large corporation or small, a maintenance worker has the skills to keep a facility running smoothly. They replace broken fixtures and repair damaged equipment.

They also clean, disinfect, and maintain building grounds. They also need to be knowledgeable about electrical systems and computer systems.

BBSI Company

A maintenance worker position at the BBSI Company is a temporary position that reports to the Cellar Supervisor. This position performs general maintenance work for the winery, including hooking grape trucks, cleaning tanks and hoses, and helping other workers. The job also involves training less experienced employees.

Job Details

Hiring Organization BBSI – Newport
Post Name Maintenance Worker
Qualification The City of Newport is hiring for temporary Parks Maintenance positions
Industry Real Estate
Employment Type Temporary
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $15 Hourly
Location Newport, OR, USA 97365


A Maintenance Worker is responsible for maintaining and repairing office equipment. They must be able to diagnose problems, troubleshoot problems, and maintain the equipment in good working condition.

They must also have a basic knowledge of electrical and computer systems. They may also be responsible for the installation of new equipment. Lastly, a Maintenance Worker must know how to follow official instructions to prevent accidents or malfunctions.

Maintenance workers often coordinate and manage the tasks of other workers. A high school diploma is required, and some experience in a similar field is desirable. Knowledge of electrical and plumbing systems is also useful.

Moreover, a Maintenance Worker should have excellent interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills. In addition, they should be able to multitask and have strong organizational skills.

Some types of maintenance worker jobs require travel and various working conditions. For example, a building maintenance worker may be required to work in a hot, humid, dusty environment. In some buildings, they may also be required to complete groundskeeping tasks.

Another type of maintenance worker is employed in a manufacturing facility. In this type of position, you’ll need to have extensive mechanical knowledge and be able to troubleshoot and repair electrical systems. Some jobs may even require you to learn about specific safety practices.


Maintenance worker jobs require a wide variety of skills and abilities. In addition to repairing and maintaining machines and buildings, they also need to be able to interact with customers, team members, and supervisors.

Thus, it’s important to develop a broad skill set so that you can be highly sought-after by employers. One of the most valuable skills for a maintenance worker is the ability to work in different environments.

For instance, workers in construction companies often work in dusty, humid, and hot environments. They also work in field settings. Electrical grid maintenance workers spend most of their time in the field and have to be familiar with electrical codes.

Moreover, they also need to have specific safety training. Maintenance worker job descriptions usually list skills and qualifications that are essential for this job.

Some of these skills include troubleshooting, drywall hanging, light fixture installation, and customer service. Building maintenance worker jobs also often list Furniture as a desirable experience.


Maintenance workers maintain structures and keep them clean. Their tasks range from replacing broken fixtures to painting worn surfaces. They also empty trash receptacles and clean windows.

These jobs are often physically demanding and require a high level of stamina. Some of them may be required to work outside in extreme temperatures.

Maintenance workers are often expected to meet strict safety standards. They are also expected to perform tasks that require technical expertise. They must be able to use advanced tools and machines.

Usually, they work under the direct supervision of a Division Supervisor or higher-level maintenance personnel. Maintenance workers must know the basics of mechanical and electrical work and be able to operate various pieces of equipment.

There are several different types of maintenance worker jobs in the United States. Most of them work on heavy machinery and are required to perform their duties in an environment that can be dusty, humid, or hot.

In addition to performing routine maintenance tasks, maintenance workers in the transportation industry may also be required to perform fieldwork. They may also be required to perform routine inspections and tune-ups of equipment.

Job Benefits

Maintenance worker jobs offer a variety of benefits to workers who enjoy independence and variety. For example, they can have a flexible schedule and a sense of security, while the work they do can be varied and challenging.

On a given day, they may be called upon to fix an electrical issue inside a building, while the next, they may be asked to paint shingles outside. In addition, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this industry is projected to increase by 8.1 percent in the next decade.


The salary for maintenance worker jobs in the USA ranges widely depending on the location and level of experience. While the average salary for a maintenance worker is about $40,950 per year or $21 per hour, the top earners earn around $54,598 a year.

In general, men earn slightly more than women, on average, but there is still a wide pay gap between the sexes. Maintenance and repair worker jobs are most frequently found at real estate offices and lessors, which is one of the highest paying industries.

The entry-level make $33,150 per year or more, depending on the state. Compared to other occupations, maintenance and repair worker salaries are highest in San Francisco, Yuba City, and Fairbanks.

The salary for maintenance worker jobs in the USA varies depending on years of experience. Those with two years of experience are expected to make more than entry-level earners, while those with five to ten years of experience are likely to earn around $54,598 a year.

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