Passenger Service Agent in Job Canada

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Passenger Service Agent in Job Canada

Are you interested in finding a new job? If so, you may be interested in the Passenger Service Agent position at the Menzies Aviation Company, which is currently recruiting. You can also check out the Job Description and other details of this position below.

It’s a challenging position that requires lots of physical exertion, including the ability to lift 70 pounds unaided and to walk long distances. In addition, you may have to push wheelchairs and assist passengers with limited mobility.

Urgent Recruitment for Passenger Service Agent

This urgent recruitment is being offered by Menzies Aviation Company, an aviation company providing essential cargo and passenger services to 25 communities in Canada and Southern hubs. Candidates must be well-versed in Microsoft Office products and possess basic computer skills.

They must also have a valid identity card and knowledge of Microsoft Office applications. Interested candidates should submit their resumes and complete all the required forms as soon as possible to be considered for an interview.

Job Description

A Passenger Service Agent is an airline employee who issues tickets, directs passengers to loading areas, and handles other customer service duties. These agents are often responsible for maintaining a computerized inventory of available seats and baggage.

They may also handle lost luggage and handle other customer issues. In addition, the job description calls for excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities. In addition to having excellent customer service skills, these workers must have knowledge of international travel and airline procedures.

The job description of a Passenger Service Agent requires an individual to possess a high level of physical fitness. A person must be able to bend, twist, and lift at least 50 pounds. They must also wear hearing protection when they are working on a ramp and must be legally authorized to work in Canada.

They must also have the legal right to work and live in Canada. In order to be considered for a Passenger Service Agent position in Job Canada, you must be physically fit.

Menzies Aviation Company

In this position, you will check passengers in at the ticket counter, help them find their gates, and answer their questions. You will be responsible for maintaining a professional and courteous attitude when dealing with customers.

As a member of the Menzies Aviation passenger service team, you must adhere to company regulations, including wearing a Menzies Aviation uniform with no visible tattoos. You will also be responsible for complying with a code of conduct and company-mandated insurance.

Working under the General Manager, the Operations Manager oversees all ramp and aircraft activities. You will also manage a team of supervisors and front-line employees to meet the needs of both passengers and airline partners.

This position requires strong business and operational skills. You will also be responsible for maintaining Menzies Aviation’s Corporate Governance and Financial Guidelines. You will be required to lift, carry, and balance heavy objects, and you will be required to stand for long periods of time.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Menzies Aviation
Post Name Passenger Service Agent
Qualification Must be at least 18 years of age and legally able to work in Canada
Industry Private
Employment Type Part-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $16.50 Hourly
Location Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2P


A Passenger Service Agent (PSA) is responsible for providing general assistance to airline passengers and coordinating activities at airports and other transportation hubs. This position performs customer service duties such as check-in, helping customers with lost luggage, and printing boarding passes.

They must also maintain a positive attitude and follow management directions. The Passenger Service Agent also must maintain a professional appearance and develop respectful relationships with team members. They also coordinate activities among various departments and handle queries from passengers.

Working as a Passenger Service Agent for Air Canada is a rewarding job. It is a demanding job involving physical exertion. You’ll have to lift up to 70 pounds unassisted, walk long distances, and handle passenger luggage. You’ll also need to push wheelchairs and carry mobility aids.


Passenger service agents assist passengers with pre-boarding, provide information about flight schedules and fares, and keep track of shipping records. Those with these skills will have a clear advantage over those without them.

Passenger service agents can expect to lift as much as 70 pounds unaided, so they’ll need to be in excellent physical condition. These positions often require you to push wheelchairs and handle passenger luggage.

While the job description doesn’t specify specific qualifications, candidates should highlight their experience and skills, including Customer Service, English Speaking, and Managing Crews. Therefore, make sure to emphasize the skills and experience that matter the most for the position you’re applying for. The list of required skills is endless!


A person in the position of a passenger service agent is responsible for providing exceptional customer service at an airport. Depending on the position, they may be responsible for directing passengers to the proper gates, assisting with baggage claims, and even troubleshooting technology issues.

The job also requires that agents understand airline procedures and show genuine concern for passengers. This ensures that operations run smoothly and passengers are satisfied.

Those seeking this position must have a high school diploma and have excellent customer service skills. They may also require some training to learn the computer system and transportation policies, although most employers offer on-the-job training.

Previous customer service experience is helpful. In addition to being a customer service expert, a person should have excellent interpersonal skills, be detail-oriented, and be able to read and speak English.

Additionally, bilingual agents are likely to stand out from the crowd because they can communicate in two languages. A job in the Customer Service Department combines customer service, sales, and organizational skills.

The role requires a positive attitude and the ability to deal with mishandled baggage and other issues. The role also requires excellent communication skills, which help establish a positive rapport with passengers.

Passenger service agents must be organized and multi-task effectively to meet the needs of their clients. And finally, they must have the right to live and work in Canada.

Job Benefits

Working as a Passenger Service Agent involves performing many tasks related to airline travel. Aside from issuing airline tickets, this role also involves checking passengers into flights, locating lost luggage, and arranging cargo shipments.

Among the many benefits of this position is that employers place a high value on communication skills and attention to detail. Depending on the company, you may even be tasked with handling mileage points or tracking down lost luggage.

Passenger service agents have a high demand and must be patient when dealing with airline passengers. While handling complaints, they often have to deal with emotional and sometimes stressful situations.

Flight delays can leave passengers angry and frustrated. Being the face of the airline for customers means handling difficult situations patiently and politely.

Some jobs in this line of work require agents to physically move jet bridges, which can reach 110 feet in length. Using their depth perception and pulling on the jet doors, these agents must be very patient.


A high salary is not the only reason to work as a passenger service agent. There are other perks as well. However, this job requires physical exertion.

The average Passenger Service Agent in Job Canada must stand for long hours, and handle luggage and mobility aids. Some duties also require pushing wheelchairs.

The average salary of a Passenger Service Agent in Job Canada ranges from $29,738 to $36,806 a year. There are many different positions in this category, and many of them are paid well. You should consider applying for these jobs if you wish to pursue a high salary.

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