Pilot Jobs in Canada

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Pilot Jobs in Canada

If you’ve recently obtained your CPL, you’re probably wondering about Pilot Jobs in Canada. The airline industry is not running out of CPL holders, but Canada’s job market still provides plenty of opportunities.

While flight training may take longer in Canada than it does in a warmer country, the weather also plays a factor in training time. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying, Canada may be the perfect place to pursue it.

Urgent Recruitment for Pilot

This job offers a high degree of autonomy and the opportunity to improve your skill level. It requires a self-starter who is willing to work with limited supervision. Aside from this, the company offers a comprehensive benefits package, including paid sick leave and generous profit sharing.

The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia are in need of skilled pilots. They can earn up to $112,387 annually. These positions are a great way to improve your income and get a permanent residence in Canada.

Job Description

Pilot jobs in Canada require a pilot’s knowledge of the Canadian aviation industry. A typical month’s work schedule includes at least 80 hours of flying time.

The rest of a pilot’s time is spent on the ground performing ground duties such as flight planning, aircraft preparation for departure, and post-flight reports.

A typical day’s work can range from a long-distance international flight to a string of shorter domestic flights. Pilots may also be called to reserve duty in certain circumstances.

In addition to preparing flight plans, pilots perform maintenance checks and check aircraft systems. They also report mechanical concerns and schedule repairs. Additionally, pilots must communicate with air traffic control to ensure that the plane is ready for flight.

KBM Resources Group Company

If you are considering taking up a career in aviation, you may want to consider applying for pilot jobs with KBM Resources Group. The company employs pilots in Thunder Bay and other Canadian cities.

It also provides flight training for aspiring pilots. They offer flight training for instrument and instructor ratings. KBM Aviation has low-density training environments, which maximize training efficiency. Pilots who apply for a position with KBM are well-positioned to be successful in a rewarding career.

Job Details

Hiring Organization KBM Resources Group
Post Name Pilot
Qualification Experience in complex single/multi-piston aircraft
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary Negotiable
Location Thunder Bay, ON, Canada P7A 0A2


Pilots at KBM Resources Group put safety first, and they must consider the comfort and convenience of their passengers. They must also be on time and perform their duties with the highest degree of efficiency.

Pilots spend up to 80 hours each month flying, and many of these hours are spent on the ground, preparing aircraft for departure and completing post-flight reports. They may be required to perform reserve duty.

Pilots need a high school diploma to apply for pilot jobs in Canada. Post-secondary education in aviation is a plus. A strong understanding of physics and math is also essential. Pilots should be fluent in English.

Applicants should also be able to pass a criminal background check. In Canada, a pilot must also be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and hold a valid passport. This is essential if he or she will be flying outside the country.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is usually a good way to land a pilot job. Most employers prefer applicants who have completed two years of college.

Generally, coursework related to aviation should include English, physics, and aeronautical engineering. Additionally, to apply for airline pilot jobs, applicants must have a commercial pilot’s license.


If you have the desired skills and are looking for a career in the aviation industry, Canada is the place for you. Canada is home to the second-largest number of pilots in the world. In addition to its great aviation industry, Canada is the most ethnically diverse country in the world.

You will need a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) to fly for a Commercial Air Service. Fortunately, you can become a pilot in Canada in just a few months.

As a pilot, you’ll be tasked with flying planes and maintaining air safety. You’ll work with other employees in all areas of the operation, so your ability to communicate well with people in all departments is vital.

And, of course, you’ll need to have excellent communication skills and be adaptable, since your job will require you to work in stressful situations. And of course, you’ll need to have excellent color vision.


A pilot’s primary responsibilities are to plan, communicate, and execute tactical missions. Some of these missions involve humanitarian efforts, such as disaster relief, or air intercept operations.

Pilots are required to have a high level of communication and organizational skills, as they operate highly sophisticated aircraft equipped with countermeasures and weapon delivery systems. In many cases, a pilot will spend only a small fraction of their time on the flight deck.

The safety of passengers is the number one priority of Canadian pilots. In addition to flying hundreds of miles each day, pilots must ensure that their flights arrive on time and without incident.

While an average work month requires an average of 80 hours of flight time, many pilots spend many more hours on ground duty, preparing flight plans and aircraft for departure, writing pre-flight and post-flight reports, and more. A pilot may also be assigned to reserve duty.

As a pilot, you’ll be flying around the world. Overnight flights, weekend flights, and long-distance international flights are common. While this career may be exciting and rewarding, it also requires a steep learning curve and often involves spending long periods of time away from loved ones.

Pilots also spend a great deal of time away from home and their families, which can be challenging for some people. If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, you should be aware that there are many potential downsides to the job, including a long-term commitment and financial risk.

Job Benefits

The first and most obvious benefit of a career in piloting is the steady income. Airline pilots typically start out as young adults and work their way up to seniority. Canadian Pilots are required to take annual Transport Canada physical exams.

They also need to prove that any medical issues they may have are under control and can be treated with standard treatments. They can also have problems with their eyesight but can usually get around this by wearing glasses or laser eye surgery.


In Canada, the average pilot salary is around $78,099 per year. This salary is based on the average number of flying hours and an hourly rate. Pilot salaries are also dependent on where the pilot works.

In order to be considered for a pilot job, you should have a post-secondary degree in physics or math. The ability to speak and understand English is an advantage, as it is the international language of aviation.

Pilot salaries in Canada vary greatly, with the highest-paid first officers earning more than captains. Pilots at regional airlines usually earn lower salaries than those at major airlines. However, these flights are the best way to get experience before moving on to more expensive planes.

However, pilot salaries in Canada are constantly rising, and you should not be put off by the low starting salaries.

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