Receptionist Jobs in the USA

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Receptionist Jobs in the USA

Receptionist jobs are in high demand around the country. Whether you’re looking for a job in a hotel, restaurant, or office building, receptionist jobs provide a wide range of opportunities.

In addition to welcoming visitors and employees, receptionists perform functions such as access control. They can check employee identification and visitor identification, issue visitor passes, and monitor suspicious activity.

Urgent Recruitment for Receptionist

If you’re looking for an entry-level job, receptionist jobs can be a good fit. Receptionists have a variety of responsibilities, including answering multi-line phones, monitoring front-desk e-mails, and organizing common areas.

Depending on your experience, you can advance to an administrative assistant or secretary if you wish. However, you’ll need to have a positive attitude and be customer service-focused if you want to land this type of job.

Receptionists are essential employees for any company. They’re the first person a customer encounters, so their attitude can make or break the success of a business.

While the exact responsibilities of receptionists may vary from organization to organization, most work full time, and some work weekends and evenings. Some may work in hospitals, while others are responsible for security. In any case, receptionist jobs require excellent communication skills and a high school diploma.

Job Description

Receptionists are an essential part of any organization, as they take messages, schedule appointments, and maintain employee files. They must be professional and have strong communication skills.

Receptionists perform a variety of administrative tasks daily, ranging from greeting visitors to sorting and filing mail. In some offices, they are even responsible for dispatching and traffic.

Receptionists report to an office manager or CEO. Their duties vary, but they will generally be required to work as part of a team and perform clerical tasks.

Queenstown Public House Company

Receptionist jobs in Queenstown are available in a variety of settings. As a receptionist, you’ll assist in the daily reconciliation of hotel trading, ensure the safety of the property, and maximize customer satisfaction.

You’ll also help keep the public areas clean, perform routine cleaning duties, and project a professional image at all times. Employment benefits include daily staff meals, a dry-cleaned uniform, and a monthly laundry allowance.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Queenstown Public House
Post Name Receptionist
Qualification High School Diploma or GED
Industry Business
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $30 to $32 Hourly
Location Los Angeles, CA, USA 90001


Receptionists perform administrative support for an entire organization. In addition to greeting guests, receptionists answer phone calls, prepare rooms, sort mail, and make travel arrangements for staff.

Receptionists are required to possess strong communication skills and organization skills, as well as an outgoing demeanor. Receptionists are responsible for performing important administrative tasks, such as tracking records and processing information. However, their duties may not be as straightforward as they sound.

Receptionists perform many functions for an office, including greeting and directing visitors, routing messages, and distributing mail daily. Their job duties depend on the type of office they work in, but most positions require a high degree of customer service and organizational skills.

Some receptionists may also perform duties such as front desk coordinator. This position requires extensive experience in customer service, as well as the ability to coordinate the work of junior administrative staff.

A front desk receptionist acts as the gateway to an organization. They must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and be organized and patient with unhappy customers. The role also requires a high degree of patience and a friendly attitude.

A receptionist must also be able to multi-task in order to handle all the calls coming in and out of the office. Furthermore, they must be proficient in office equipment. So, if you are looking to become a receptionist, read on for more information.


Receptionists often need to juggle administrative and customer service responsibilities. In addition to having excellent communication skills, receptionists need to have strong interpersonal skills and good listening and writing abilities. Furthermore, receptionists must be compassionate and respectful.

Among the skills that are essential for receptionist jobs in the USA are organizational, time management, and strong interpersonal skills. Receptionists are the first point of contact for clients and therefore need to project an image of professionalism and warmth.

A warm, friendly welcome can make a world of difference for a company, so receptionists should have excellent customer service skills. They should also be able to handle difficult situations and be graceful when dealing with unhappy customers.

Receptionists need to be adept at receiving and handling mail. Computer skills are also necessary, but they aren’t the only things that receptionists must know. A receptionist should be able to answer a phone call on the second ring, as a bad first impression can drive away a potential customer.


A receptionist’s job involves handling client data, so a good reputation and a high degree of trustworthiness are important. Receptionists must also be comfortable working with people, often in stressful situations.

Aside from the usual clerical duties, receptionists also handle client phone calls, schedule appointments, and maintain employee files.

Receptionists play a crucial role in many offices and businesses. They welcome visitors, check identification, issue visitor badges, direct guests, answer phones, sort mail, and arrange travel plans.

Receptionists need excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as a warm, professional demeanor. And, of course, these positions require a great deal of responsibility.

Front desk receptionists are the face of the business. They answer phones, transfer messages, and schedule appointments. Front desk receptionists must also have excellent phone etiquette.

They must also be capable of multitasking and have excellent customer service skills, and they must be able to manage their junior administrative team.

In addition to answering phones, front desk receptionists may also manage the work of junior administrative assistants, which requires excellent organizational skills, customer service skills, and computer literacy.

Job Benefits

One of the many benefits of receptionist jobs is the fact that they can be a great work-life balance, and many companies offer health insurance and 401k retirement savings plans to their employees.

Receptionists also often have the opportunity to work on the job, and some use their positions as springboards for other careers. Hard-working receptionists can take their experience and transfer it to other fields such as customer service representatives or administrative assistants.

If you have the required experience then you can expect a higher salary package as compared to the one who has just entered the job market.


In the USA, the average salary for a receptionist is $31,541 per year, with some states paying higher salaries. Salaries for similar occupations are also comparable. Some states offer more salaries than others, so check with your state’s employment agency to see what the salary for this position would be.

Receptionists usually work in a clean, attractive office. Receptionists may have limited contact with fellow employees. However, they do frequently interact with the public. They represent the company, so a high salary is necessary.

If you have a strong customer service background, you may want to consider a career as a receptionist. This job requires excellent organizational skills and the ability to multi-task. The salary package depends upon the experience and the type of receptionist position that you apply for. If you have more experience then the salary package might be higher as compared to the person who has less experience.

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