Recruitment For a Rail Laborer in Canada

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Recruitment For a Rail Laborer in Canada

If you are looking for a job in the railway industry, you can try applying for a Rail Laborer position at A&B Rail Services. There is an urgent need for workers to work on rail lines. This position involves various duties, including hauling and unloading cargo.

You will work in a team to move cargo across the country. If you have previous work experience, make sure you have taken pictures of your work. You must also send a letter of reference. You should make sure that you send all the documentation on time.

Urgent Recruitment for Rail Laborers

Are you looking for a new job? A&B Rail Services is looking for qualified Railway Laborers for its Maintenance and Construction Season. This job requires you to perform moderate to heavy physical labor.

You will repair railway ties and replace different track components. You will also need to respond to accidents and emergencies, and adjust alignment and surface. This is a great opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge of the rail industry.

Job Description

A Job Description for Rail Laborer in Canada will give you a clear idea of the duties and responsibilities of a Rail Laborer. This position entails performing physical and moderate labor duties, such as replacing and repairing various track components, railway ties, and alignment and surface adjustments.

This position also requires responding to emergencies. The ideal candidate should have at least six months of relevant work experience. A good railway laborer in Canada will have an interest in the construction and maintenance of railways.

A Job Description for a Railroad Laborer in Canada will require a high level of physical stamina and the ability to handle multiple types of materials. Typically, this position is part of a two-to-fifteen-person mobile crew and receives work assignments directly from the crew leader.

The rail laborer will work on high-production, high-stress job sites, and may be required to lift and move up to 100 pounds of equipment and tools.

These skilled individuals work in a team environment to construct railroads across Western Canada. These employees operate various hand-held tools and small equipment. These workers often handle hazardous materials and are required to work outside in all types of weather.

For example, railway laborers may be required to clear snow from right-of-ways and crossings. They may use shovels, backpack blowers, or brooms. Applicants should have a minimum of six months of experience working in the railway industry.

A&B Rail Services

Among other railway companies, A&B is the leading choice for track construction, maintenance, and emergency services in Canada. Recruiting is open now for railway workers. If you’re interested in joining a team that’s recognized for its high standards and dedication to safety, A&B is the place to be. This company pays well based on the amount of experience and expertise of its staff.

As a rail laborer with A&B, you’ll be working at a railroad switchyard. Although a supervisor was not present at the switch, he oversees all work from a distance. He has a two-way radio with him, but he won’t be directly supervising your work. This can pose serious health and safety risks. As such, this job requires proper training and supervision.

Job Details

Hiring Organization A&B Rail Services
Post Name Rail Labourer
Qualification High school diploma or equivalent
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$22.50 to CA$30.72 Hourly
Location Lethbridge, AB, Canada T1H 0A1


The Railway Laborer works in a team environment and is responsible for maintaining and repairing track and railroad equipment. He also must follow safety protocols. He handles and loads materials according to instructions.

He may be required to install street crossings, weld switch points, or repair drainage. Job details for Rail laborers in Canada vary depending on location. The minimum employment requirement is six months of experience. There are a variety of different job duties, including laying track.


Whether you want to be on the railroad or have a background in construction, a career as a track laborer can be a rewarding career choice. These workers do heavy physical labor to install and maintain the railroad tracks.

Their duties include installing and repairing all types of tracks, adjusting their alignment, and repairing track outages. While their work may require specialized equipment, their experience, and mechanical abilities are valuable assets. They must be physically fit and have a high level of fitness.

Conductors are crucial to the success of a rail job, as they are on their feet most of the time, directing workers. They must be patient and courteous to their customers. Lastly, conductors and yardmasters oversee workers and train operations.

As such, all rail employees need to be mechanically minded and have good hand-eye coordination. Conducting daily mechanical inspections is also a requirement for locomotive engineers.


As a rail laborer in Canada, your duties will range from performing moderate to heavy physical labor to driving and pulling equipment. Your daily routine will involve working on steep grades, unloading and loading equipment, and interacting effectively with fellow crew members.

Additionally, you’ll be responsible for removing debris from the work area. You must be at least 18 years old and physically fit to perform this job. Moreover, you must be able to work outdoors and in inclement weather.

In addition to manual labor, your role as a rail laborer will also require you to operate various equipment, including portable saws and rail drills. It’s vital that you understand the safety rules and regulations of your employer, and ensure that you are properly dressed for the job. Likewise, you’ll need to be aware of emergency sounds and be able to react to them appropriately.

Job Benefits

Working as a rail laborer has its advantages. The job typically requires twelve to fourteen hours of work per day and 70 to 75 hours of work per week. The schedule can vary depending on operational needs.

You will enjoy benefits such as 2 weeks of paid time off, medical insurance, and dental care. In addition, you won’t have to worry about relocation costs, as your employer will pay for any lodging and transportation related to your job.

Railroad jobs pay well and offer excellent retirement benefits, even though the industry is not likely to grow significantly in the next few years. You will be involved in many different tasks, including train and track maintenance.

Your daily work routine will involve checking the condition of the railroad tracks, ensuring that trains are running safely, and coordinating activities within the railroad yard. Job benefits for rail laborers may include paid time off, a guaranteed income, and a great sense of purpose.


The average annual salary for a Railway Laborer in Canada is  $48,750 per year. It is roughly $25 per hour. Starting at an entry-level of $37,050 per year, it goes up to nearly $85,000 a year for the most experienced employees. However, the exact amount varies from one railroad company to another. 

As a Rail Laborer, your job entails ensuring the safe travel of trains. You may be required to coordinate the activities of the trains, drive them, or operate the switches and signals at the rail yard. This job requires a high school diploma and months of on-the-job training.

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