Recruitment For Bakery Clerk in Canada

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Recruitment For Bakery Clerk in Canada

If you are looking for a job as a Bakery Clerk, then the Sobeys Company is currently hiring. If you want to work in a well-known Canadian Company, then apply for a position at Sobeys right now. There are several benefits to working as a Bakery Clerk. Besides, you’ll get to learn about the Sobeys Company and the jobs available there.

Urgent Recruitment for Bakery Clerk

If you’re seeking a full-time job, Recruitment for Bakery Clerk in Canada may be a great option for you. Bakery clerks work in independent bakery shops and larger retail stores. They work both full and part-time.

Qualifications for this position typically include a high school diploma, and previous customer service experience is preferred. In some cases, you may need to complete an apprenticeship in order to qualify for this position.

When it comes to recruitment for a Bakery Clerk vacancy in Canada, the person needs to be highly qualified. This is one of the most important positions within the bakery industry.

This will be someone who works very closely with and under the supervision of a manager. They are also responsible for supervising the other bakers, so if you have the skills and the education it could lead to a wonderful position in a large establishment.

Job Description

A Job Description for Bakery Clerk in Canada includes tasks such as greeting customers, filling orders, and storing inventory. This position requires an individual to have excellent interpersonal and judgmental skills, as well as strong upper body strength to lift heavy items, such as baking pans and trays.

Bakery Clerks must also be able to operate equipment, including scales, hand trucks, and pallet jacks, and have knowledge of weight measurements and the proper way to use them.

The duties of a Bakery Clerk differ from those of a Kitchen Assistant, but the core skills are the same – excellent communication skills, food safety, and customer service.

Bakery Clerks are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the bakery, as well as assisting the Pastry Chefs with baking and decorating tasks. Their job descriptions may include restocking inventory and ensuring the quality of baked goods.

You must have good hand washing skills in order to do these tasks effectively. Your employer will likely train you to do them quickly, but you must be able to do them correctly at all times.

Sobeys Company

If you’re interested in a career as a Bakery Clerk, the Sobeys Company is currently recruiting. The company has over 125,000 employees and franchise affiliates throughout Canada. Its mission is to improve the lives of Canadians by helping them Eat Better, Feel Better, and Do Better.

As a Bakery Clerk, you’ll be responsible for a variety of duties, including delivering exceptional customer service, cultivating customer loyalty, fulfilling customer needs, and actively contributing to a culture of employee engagement and satisfaction.

The Sobeys Company is a leading grocery store chain operating in ten Canadian provinces. The company offers a variety of services to everyday shoppers, including groceries, frozen food, and meat and seafood. It also features a deli and bakeries, as well as pharmacies.

Applicants can also join Sobeys’ loyalty program, Club Sobeys, to earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for discounts at participating stores.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Sobeys
Post Name Bakery Clerk
Qualification 6am start time for most shifts.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary Negotiable
Location Thompson, MB, Canada R8N 0A1


A Bakery Clerk is responsible for filling orders, preparing baked goods for sale, and arranging them in display cases. They may also be responsible for operating bread slicers and other equipment. This job requires a high school diploma and a working knowledge of food safety and handling procedures.

Job details for a Bakery Clerk include working under the supervision of senior personnel in a functional area and reporting directly to a supervisor. Some positions require 0 to one year of general work experience.

To begin, a Bakery Clerk must be at least 18 years old, have a High school diploma, and have one to two years of experience in a bakery. Candidates must be responsible, flexible, and have positive attitudes.

They must also have good customer service and communication skills. They must also be knowledgeable about the various bakery equipment, including pallet jacks, hand trucks, scales, and measuring instruments.


Organizational and customer service-oriented: A seasoned Bakery Clerk aims to utilize his or her years of experience to enhance the quality of customer service.

This professional understands food service sanitation standards, supports bakery staff during all operations, manages bakery inventory, and aids in the ordering of supply items. The individual also has a solid background in preparing custom orders and baking a variety of pastries.

Good interpersonal and judgment-mental skills: A good baker assistant must have excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills. He or she must also be gregarious and flexible. Good customer service skills are essential.

In addition to excellent customer service, he or she must be well-mannered and know about food safety regulations. The candidate must be able to follow instructions both verbally and in writing and be able to maintain a clean work environment.


As the face of a bakery, the Responsibilities of a Bakery Clerk in Canada include filling orders accurately, ensuring the quality of baked goods, and following company policies and procedures.

A Bakery Clerk also performs a variety of other duties, including icing names on cakes, and facing and maintaining the display presentation. These duties also require general clean-up duties, such as clearing the sales floor and disposing of trash.

The job description of a Bakery Clerk varies by location, experience level, and company. However, salaries vary widely depending on location, years of experience, and company. For example, Bakery Clerks may earn a little less than Kitchen Helpers, though they have similar responsibilities.

In addition to providing high-quality baked goods, Bakery Clerks should be knowledgeable about online ordering systems and be friendly to customers.

Another important responsibility of Bakery Clerks in Canada is keeping up with industry trends. The job requires keeping up with developments in the industry, including online ordering. Online ordering has changed the way many people purchase food, and this is no exception for the bakery industry.

Customers can even place their orders online and have them delivered to their homes. That means more Bakery Clerks will need to be educated and be aware of current trends.

Job Benefits

If you are interested in working in a bakery, you may be interested in a career as a Bakery Clerk. Bakery clerks work in bakeries, often in independent shops, but they can also be found in larger retail establishments.

These jobs are both part-time and full-time and require candidates to have a High School Diploma and at least one year of experience working in a bakery. Bakery clerks must have experience using scales, pallet jacks, hand trucks, and other equipment, and have good knowledge of weight and measures.


A Bakery Clerk’s gross salary averages $27,300 per year, or $14 per hour, plus a bonus of $4,668 per year. The salary of an entry-level Bakery Clerk is  $24,375 per year, while an experienced Bakery Clerk earns $31,151 per year. Over five years, the salary for this position can increase by 10%.

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