Recruitment For Bus Driver in Canada

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Recruitment For Bus Drivers in Canada

Are you looking for a rewarding job as a bus driver? If so, the following company’s recruitment for a bus driver is the right opportunity for you. Diversified Transportation Ltd is a transit service that serves nearly 340,000 riders daily, 365 days a year.

This company is looking for qualified candidates with a strong driving record and customer service background. With over 1800 unionized bus operators, you’ll enjoy competitive pay, flexible work schedules, and a pension.

Urgent Recruitment for Bus Drivers

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity in transit, you should consider applying for the Recruitment for Bus Driver in Canada.

As a bus driver, you will be responsible for transporting passengers on prescribed routes. Your duties will involve driving buses for charter services, tours, or other purposes. Bus drivers may be hired by various employers, including school boards, transportation companies, and private companies.

They often have a daily route and must possess a wide range of road safety skills. To land a job, you must possess education in driving and possess excellent oral and written communication skills.

Job Descriptions

The requirements for becoming a bus driver are varied. In most cases, the required education is a high school diploma or GED certificate. Some companies require a specific type of license, and some even require previous experience.

A bus driver may also be required to have a certain level of safety awareness and experience, or they may just look for a driver who can demonstrate that they have good driving skills. Depending on the job description, experience may also be required, as well as the schedule and hours of work.

Some common responsibilities include operating and maintaining a bus. For example, a bus driver must maintain a log of schedules and passengers, turn on internal lights during poor visibility, and check that special passenger are securely seated.

Bus drivers are also expected to follow traffic laws and stop at designated stops when passengers request them. However, there are many different types of bus drivers, and not all of them require specific training.

Diversified Transportation Ltd. – Fort McMurray

The company is a subsidiary of Pacific Western Transportation, headquartered in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1964, Diversified operates a large fleet of highway motor coaches throughout northern Alberta. The company’s fleet of buses provides comfortable, economical transportation for groups of any size.

To date, the company is proud to have transported over 5 million passengers annually. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for a reliable transportation service, Diversified Transportation is the perfect choice for your transportation needs.

The company is looking for experienced drivers in the Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo areas. Drivers will be based in Camp and transport construction materials to various construction sites. Drivers must be willing to work split shifts, including early shifts and evenings.

In addition, they must be flexible enough to work overnight. Despite this, the company is proud to provide great benefits, including competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Diversified Transportation Ltd. – Fort McMurray
Post Name Bus Driver
Qualification Minimum three years of commercial driving experience
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$38.60 Hourly
Location Fort McMurray, AB, Canada T9H 0A1


Bus driver recruitment in Canada has many opportunities for aspiring drivers. These transportation vehicles transport passengers on prescribed routes. In addition to operating buses, they also have to be good at answering questions from passengers about the services they offer, routes, and fares.

They have to be responsible for driving buses and have the ability to operate the standard transmissions. Drivers are also required to have a valid class one or class two driver’s abstract.


People looking for bus driver recruitment in Canada will likely need a variety of skills and qualifications. For starters, bus drivers must possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL), which can be obtained on-the-job training. Additionally, they will need to meet certain physical, vision, and hearing requirements. Many employers also prefer applicants with a high school diploma. Interested applicants should also be able to handle passengers well.

Those looking to be bus drivers will often need a secondary school diploma, as well as a driver’s license. They will need to hold a Class B, C, E, or F license.

The federal government requires that candidates meet certain physical requirements to be hired as bus drivers. For example, drivers must have good vision and hand-eye coordination. They must also have normal hearing and the ability to hear whispers at five feet.

Finally, they must be calm and patient in stressful situations. Bus drivers must know how to deal with passengers and make them comfortable, as well as be able to handle the situation calmly.


A driver’s duties vary according to the industry, and a bus driver is required to meet a variety of requirements, including hours of service. A bus driver must be able to provide dependable transportation, watch for signals and observe arrival and departure points. A bus driver must also operate various controls and maintain proper records.

While driving a bus, drivers are responsible for moving passengers along a predetermined route. These buses may operate as charter services or tour buses. Some of the bus drivers operate buses for transit systems, motor coaches, and school buses.

These drivers must be familiar with the rules and regulations of each area they travel to, as well as adhere to the schedule. The job requires good judgment, self-control, alertness, and the ability to anticipate hazards and make necessary adjustments.

To become a bus driver in Canada, an individual must be legally qualified to do so. A CDL license is required, and there are strict federal regulations regarding medical conditions and physical abilities. Applicants must also pass a vision test.

Federal regulations require that a bus driver have 20/40 vision and a field of vision of 70 degrees in each eye. Furthermore, they must be able to distinguish colors on traffic lights and other signals.

Job Benefits

The most obvious benefit of being a bus driver is the money, but there are a few other perks as well. This job is highly rewarding, and it doesn’t come with high-stress levels, which many people appreciate. You can also expect a decent work-life balance, and you can expect a good future with good prospects for advancement, promotion, and increased pay. In addition to these perks, bus drivers are often very flexible with their schedules.

You can choose the number of hours you work. Bus drivers often work in the nighttime, and most buses run into the early hours of the morning.


The salary of a Bus Driver in Canada varies depending on the educational background, experience, and location. People with a Bachelor’s degree earn a lot more – approximately 42% more. As an employee of a large transportation company, your salary is likely to increase at a rate of 9% every 17 months.

The salary of a bus driver in Canada ranges from $39,638 per year or $20.33 per hour and can range anywhere from an entry-level position to an experienced professional. The salary range is quite wide, but the highest-paid drivers tend to be in Alberta and British Columbia.

In contrast, the lowest-paying drivers are in Saskatchewan and the maritime provinces, while Ontario is just below the national average.

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