Recruitment For Dock Worker in Canada

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Recruitment For Dock Workers in Canada

For individuals seeking a part-time or full-time job in a shipyard or port, Recruitment for Dock Worker in Canada may be the perfect opportunity. Ideally, candidates should have excellent eye-hand coordination, smooth control of the pedal, and experience in a dock environment.

This job requires a lot of mobility, and shifts are usually morning or evening. Hours are typically four hours, Monday through Friday.

Urgent Recruitment for Dock Worker

The position of Dock Worker is open for a variety of shifts in Canada. The job entails operating a counterbalance forklift, including day, evening, and night shifts. The right candidate should be legally permitted to work in Canada, have prior experience, and be available for a specified start date.

To learn more about the position, please read on. In addition to minimum requirements, this position requires applicants to be in Canada on a regular basis and to be able to work shift, on-call, and weekend shifts.

An eye for detail, expert hand on the pedal, and fast, accurate timing are all required skills for this position. The job requires constant movement and careful positioning of freight to ensure it is unharmed and in the proper location.

Part-time dock work is available and is a perfect opportunity for college students or those looking for an extra income. Most shifts are morning or evening, and last approximately four hours Monday through Friday.

Job Description

A Job Description for Dock Workers in Canada includes a variety of duties and responsibilities. In addition to securing cargo from ships, dock workers must be able to communicate effectively with other dock workers using hand-held radios and heavy machinery.

Top performers are physically fit and proficient at operating heavy machinery. Their duties may include installing gangways for incoming ships, maintaining oil spill containment booms, and secure moorings.

They also load and unload cargo using material handling equipment, examining cargo for damage, and inputting data into spreadsheets. To become a dock worker, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Previous transportation experience is preferred, but not necessary. You must be physically fit, with the ability to lift and crouch at least 75 pounds.

MaxSys Staffing and Consulting

MaxSys Staffing and Consulting is a recruiting company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The company offers contract and temporary employment services to businesses in both the private and public sectors.

Once approved, applicants can begin work immediately. A MaxSys employee may be eligible for several benefits, including health insurance and a paid time off policy.

This employment agency has partnered with a number of Canadian companies to provide qualified candidates for jobs in the dock industry. Companies working with MaxSys include JCHU CONSULTING, ENTRYWAY TO CANADA IMMIGRATION SERVICES LTD., APPLEONE SERVICES LTD., and BRAZOLOT MIGREGREEMENT PERSONAL CENTRES.

Job Details

Hiring Organization MaxSys Staffing and Consulting
Post Name Dock Worker
Qualification Ideal candidates will have a minimum of 6 months of experience within a similar role, however, training can be provided.
Industry Manufacturing
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $16.50/Hr
Location Hanwell, NB, Canada E3C 0A7


While job opportunities may vary in different parts of Canada, there are some common tasks that dock workers must perform. Typical tasks include loading and unloading trailers, operating mobile technology, and filling out the required paperwork.

Job duties vary depending on the terminal location and employer, but the fundamentals are the same. Applicants must have a good work history and pass a pre-employment drug test and post-offer physical. In Canada, job prospects are excellent.


There are essential skills you must have if you want a job as a dock worker. This is the same as what you need for any other job, but the skills you should focus on in your resume will vary from position to position. These skills are relevant to all longshore workers, whether they’re employed by a shipping company, an agency, or a vessel itself.

One skill that will help you stand out from the competition in any Dock Worker position is forklift certification. If you are certified in forklift operation, you need to emphasize this ability on your resume.

If you have experience in trucking, scanning, and customer service, these are also important skills to have. However, it’s not enough to have a certification. You must also have experience in those areas, or else your resume may not be taken seriously.


The job description of a dock worker is varied and requires excellent communication skills. This person is also expected to be physically fit and use heavy machinery safely.

Among their responsibilities, they load cargo, maintain records of damaged goods and moor ships and ensure they are secured on the dock for safe entry.

In addition, these workers help unmoor vessels and moor them before they can depart. In addition, their tasks may involve heavy machinery and they must work as part of a team.

The Responsibilities of a dock worker include securing freight at the dock and loading it onto a ship. This job requires high physical fitness as dock workers stand on their feet most of the day and lift heavy cargo all day.

Typically, a dock worker works alone but may be supervised by a General Manager who oversees incoming and outgoing shipments and other logistical items.

Job Benefits

Dock workers are highly skilled individuals who have to keep an eye on freight and smooth touch on the pedal. Their job duties include positioning freight safely and continuously moving and repositioning the vehicles.

The demand is high for dock workers and many temporary job opportunities have emerged as a result. This has made it possible for you to apply for one of these positions even if you’re living in another country.

Those who wish to earn a side income while attending college can consider dock work. The job usually requires part-time shifts and is available from early morning to late afternoon Monday through Friday. You can work at any hour that works for you including the weekends. Working in the Canadian shipping industry can be the beginning of your career as a dock worker.

While they may not be able to afford the full-time position, part-time dock work does provide a supplemental income. Working directly with shipping companies can be very rewarding, but it is important that you go through the proper channels in order to have access to the job you desire.


The average salary for this profession varies depending on the amount of experience and the type of job performed. Dock workers with entry-level experience can expect to earn around $29,250 per year, while those with five to ten years of experience can expect to earn about $40,950 per year. The average salary for dock workers is estimated to be $34,125 per year or $17.50 per hour

To become a dock worker, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Previous transportation experience is preferred, but not necessary. You must be physically fit, with the ability to lift and crouch at least 75 pounds.

In addition, you must have a safety-first mindset and be able to work efficiently with little supervision. Working on a dock involves physical labor, including handling large, noisy machinery and bending and crouching.

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