Recruitment For Electrical Technician in Canada

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Recruitment For Electrical Technicians in Canada

If you are looking for a job as an Electrical Technician, then you have come to the right place! This article outlines a few aspects of this job description for an electrical technician in Canada. Interested applicants should consider the following details.

Urgent Recruitment for Electrical Technician

Are you seeking a new job in the electrical field? Are you in search of an Electrical Technician job? If yes, you’ve come to the right place! This recruitment is looking for Electrical Technicians with a high level of skill and knowledge.

This job is ideal for those who have an electrical background, are skilled in troubleshooting electrical equipment, and are proficient in reading electrical codes and spec sheets. If you’ve recently graduated from college or technical school, you may consider pursuing a new career in the field of engineering.

While this occupation can be difficult to find in Canada, there are a few advantages to working as an electrician in Canada. First of all, this type of job is highly paid and comes with many short-term benefits. Not only do you earn a good salary for the first few years, but you can also receive retirement plans and health insurance benefits.

You might even receive health insurance. Then, you will be eligible for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, which offers permanent residency for people with a full-time job offer in one of the four Atlantic provinces.

Job Description

As an electrical technician, you’ll install, test, and assemble electrical equipment in offices and factories. You’ll also troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment. Successful technicians can read electrical schematics and recommend improvements to their design.

Moreover, they use power tools and fault-testing equipment. But before you can get started, read this job description to learn more about the different kinds of job duties in this field. Here are some of the most common ones:

As an electrician, you’ll install and maintain electrical wiring and equipment and repair electrical fixtures. You’ll also install street lights, intercom systems, and electrical control systems. Your job will require you to use hand and power tools and may involve working on roofs, scaffolds, or ladders.

You’ll use tools such as pliers and screwdrivers to test and repair wiring and electrical components. Electricians will also inspect electrical systems and components to ensure that they function properly and are not causing any harm.

Criveller Group Company

A reputable and growing packaging and processing company is looking for an Electrical Technologist to join its team. This Criveller Group, a Canada-based company provides innovative solutions to its customers. As an Electrical Technologist, you’ll be responsible for designing and installing electronic equipment for various manufacturing processes. In addition to electrical systems, you’ll also be responsible for maintaining and repairing electrical components.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Criveller Group
Post Name Electrical Technician
Qualification Education as an Electronics Technologist, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent required.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$25 to CA$35 Hourly
Location Niagara Falls, ON, Canada L2E 0A1


If you are searching for a job as an electrical technician, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides detailed information about the job description and the requirements of the position. In addition, you’ll learn about the training and education requirements required for this position.

As an electrical technician, you’ll be tasked with solving problems and improving equipment performance. Moreover, you’ll be required to follow the Canadian National Electrical Code and understand schematics. You’ll also be required to maintain a wide range of equipment, such as industrial instrumentation and calibration devices. Also, you’ll be required to work various shifts. Lastly, you’ll have to pass security clearance and a criminal background check.

A job as an electrical technician involves performing physical tasks, such as troubleshooting malfunctioning equipment, assembling equipment, and fabricating parts. The work also requires reading electrical schematics, using hand tools, and advising management about whether or not a piece of equipment should be used in the future.

An electrician must also be good at communicating and using computer-aided design software. Aside from that, they must also work in a team setting, coordinating with contractors and consultants to complete electrical work.


The demand for Electrical Technicians in Canada is increasing because many different industries are making heavy use of electronic systems and products. Some of the most common sectors that require electricians are telecommunications, audio and video, computers, robotics, and energy conversion and transmission.

The skills needed to be a successful Electrical Technician are similar to those required for a range of other professions. A good apprenticeship program combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training. This gives the technician the chance to gain technical knowledge while developing important soft skills.

Typically, this training is provided by a mentor. A mentor is someone with a good amount of experience and can give helpful feedback on the job candidate’s progress. The apprenticeship program will also prepare them for a competitive job market by developing their professional network. However, an electrician should also have the right mindset.


The Responsibilities of an Electrical Technician are diverse, but they all have the same common goal: installing and maintaining electrical systems. They may also install street lights, intercom systems, and other electrical control systems.

This role also requires them to use hand tools, operate equipment, and provide preliminary sketches and cost estimates. In addition, they may be required to help in emergency situations by operating flares and floodlights and driving necessary vehicles.

Canadians need skilled workers in the field of electrical technology, and they’re in high demand in Canada. There’s a huge demand for electrical technicians, as the country relies on skilled foreign workers and trained youth to run its manufacturing units and workshops.

Technical abilities, or hard skills, indicate knowledge and expertise in various electrical tasks. This knowledge can be acquired through electrical training. Depending on your area of specialty, your technical abilities can be directly related to your duties.

As an electrician, you may need to know important electrical standards and safety rules. However, these are not the only things that make an electrical technician great. They also need to be passionate about their work, so be sure to be passionate about what you do.

Job Benefits

Working as an Electrical Technician can offer a wide variety of benefits. Besides earning a great salary, working as an Electrical Technician will enable you to use your practical skills and interests to build a profitable career. You will also be able to become self-employed at a young age, without the expense and stress of a college education.

Additionally, this career path also doesn’t require you to take out student loans, which is a great benefit for people looking to get out of debt. Many electricians have unlimited opportunities to advance their careers and may work in different positions for decades. As a result, the salary is likely to increase significantly.


The average salary for an Electrical Technician in Canada is around $53,637 per year or $27.51 per hour. Entry-level Electrical Technicians typically earn around $42,599 per year, while experienced senior employees earn up to $76,006 per year.

While salaries for this position vary widely by location, experience, and education, the overall average salary for this profession is relatively high. The salary range for Electrical Technicians varies widely. In Toronto, Ontario, the average salary is $85,742 per year or about $41 an hour. This is roughly 7% higher than the average salary for Electrical Technicians throughout Canada. In addition to the average salary, there are several other factors that affect compensation.

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