Recruitment For Facilities Maintenance Worker in Canada

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Recruitment For Facilities Maintenance Worker in Canada

Urgent Recruitment for Facilities Maintenance workers in Canada is now open! Are you searching for a new job? Then read this article to find out more about the job. This article will introduce you to the job description. You’ll find information on what to expect when you join a team working for a major organization. We’ve also included the company’s website so you can apply from the comfort of your home.

In order to get these jobs, you will also need to have a good attitude and good attention to detail. If you are a hard worker and have a good attitude you will be able to secure these kinds of positions more easily than someone who is not. If you are willing to work and be an asset to the company then you should be able to get any kind of job that you are interested in.

Urgent Recruitment for Facilities Maintenance Work

Are you looking for a career change and are looking for Recruitment for a Facilities Maintenance Worker in Canada? If you are, we have the right job for you! Working as a Facilities Maintenance Technician is an exciting opportunity! As part of a growing team, you will perform a wide range of duties, including operating and maintaining facilities.

You will maintain records, troubleshoot systems, and adjust instrument control points. You will also help with maintenance projects, including repairs and replacement of equipment. You’ll be required to possess a Class G driver’s license in Ontario, good computer skills, and be able to communicate via email and phone.

A Facility Maintenance Worker will be required to maintain and repair various components of a building. They will also need to be familiar with health and safety regulations and be physically fit for heavy lifting and pushing and pulling.

They must also be capable of working independently and have excellent interpersonal skills. If you’re looking for an exciting career change and are a team player, this might be the job for you. We are hiring for a number of positions at a variety of different organizations, so apply now!

Job Description

The duties of a Facilities Maintenance Worker range from checking the condition of equipment and facilities to inspecting the grounds and resolving hazards. This position also requires you to use safety equipment and tools, as well as to monitor and order supplies within the approved budget.

Your duties might also include monitoring and maintaining inventory levels, keeping daily logs, and helping with special events. To be eligible for this position, you must have relevant education and at least one year of experience. The knowledge and skill required include working with equipment and techniques, including repairing and operating it.

As part of the Facilities Maintenance Worker job description, you’ll be responsible for cleaning buildings inside and out and performing various facility-related tasks as directed. For this role, you’ll need to be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and team-oriented. You’ll also need to be able to work weekends and participate in rotational on-call schedules. This position requires you to have good communication skills and to have basic computer knowledge.

Job Details

Hiring Organization People Store
Post Name Facilities Maintenance Worker
Qualification High school diploma or equivalent
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$18 Hourly
Location London, ON, Canada N5V 0A2


The duties of a Facilities Maintenance Worker range from maintaining the physical condition of a building to troubleshooting operations. Other responsibilities include adjusting instrument control points, maintaining energy records, and checking for abnormalities in HVAC and water systems.

Technicians may also assist with training and mentoring new employees. This position requires a Class G Ontario driver’s license and good computer skills, including the ability to input data, create spreadsheets, and communicate by email.

In Canada, facilities maintenance workers report to operations and project coordinators. They perform general building and landscaping maintenance and repair services. These employees do not hold tradesperson’s licenses.

Some companies also require workers to have a tradesperson’s license to perform certain tasks. While the duties of a Facilities Maintenance Worker may vary, all must maintain a professional demeanor and communicate well with clients.


What skills are needed to be a Facilities Maintenance Worker? The occupation involves a wide range of tasks that require a variety of physical strength. It requires the ability to lift heavy objects and navigate tight spaces. Work can also be in challenging environments and requires the ability to stand for extended periods of time.

To develop your physical strength and endurance, consider improving your diet and lifestyle. Exercise is essential for this role and can include weight lifting and cardio.

A Facilities Maintenance Technician is responsible for completing routine building and grounds maintenance. They carry out reactive maintenance calls and general administrative duties. They must have strong communication skills and the ability to prioritize multifunctional tasks.

They must also have a thorough knowledge of safety regulations and the applicable codes. A Facility Maintenance Technician must be able to read blueprints and technical manuals and follow instructions accurately. The duties of a Facilities Maintenance Technician may include performing maintenance work in office buildings, schools, and sports facilities.


A facilities maintenance worker performs routine, semi-skilled maintenance for a company’s facilities. This worker performs tasks such as painting, plumbing, and electrical maintenance and repair, as well as troubleshooting and diagnostics.

A maintenance worker uses various tools and cleaning equipment and receives direction from higher-level personnel. This worker is frequently on the go, traveling between properties. This career path requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

This job requires a diverse range of skills and technical knowledge. Facilities maintenance workers are expected to be able to identify faulty operations or materials and report them to supervisors. Other duties may include troubleshooting HVAC systems and lighting fixtures, maintaining a clean work environment, and ordering maintenance supplies.

In addition, this position may require training to perform on-call rotational duties, such as weekends and holidays, which require a valid Canada license.

The duties of a Facilities Maintenance Worker are varied, and they include performing general building and property maintenance, installing and troubleshooting production equipment, and conducting minor repairs. They also monitor inspections and scheduled maintenance.

They may also supervise lower-level maintenance technicians. When a Facilities Maintenance Worker is hired to work at a manufacturing company, they may be responsible for more complex and difficult maintenance tasks.

Job Benefits

If you are looking for a job as a Facilities Maintenance Worker in Canada, you are not alone. There are also many other jobs available in the facility management field. While you may not be able to work full-time, the benefits you can expect will be great. Here are some of the best options:

Health insurance – Most employers in Canada provide a health insurance plan for their employees. This benefit usually includes prescription drug coverage, hospital coverage, paramedical practitioners, and out-of-country coverage.

Other common benefits include pension plans, flexible benefits, gyms, and workplace canteens. Additional perks include virtual care, financial education, and health-related training. Many companies offer their employees the opportunity to join a group that offers these benefits at discounted rates.


There are various career opportunities in the facilities maintenance industry in Canada. The average gross annual salary of a facility maintenance worker is $53,674 per year or $27.53 per hour. The data used to calculate the average salary is collected from surveys conducted among Canadian employers.

This figure includes both entry-level and senior-level workers. The average salary of an entry-level facility maintenance worker is $43,875, while the salary of an experienced professional is $80,350 per year.

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