Recruitment For Farm Laborer in Canada

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Recruitment For Farm Laborers in Canada

Are you looking for an Urgent Recruitment for Farm Laborer in Canada? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article contains information about the Fox Harb’r Resort and the Job Description. If you’re from outside of Canada, you can apply for the Farm Laborer job with the company.

You’ll need a valid Canadian work permit and a valid passport. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to apply for the position.

Urgent Recruitment for Farm Laborers

As far as the farm job market in Canada is concerned, it is in need of more workers.  Fortunately, there are several ways that you can contribute to filling this void. First, consider applying for a general farm worker position with one of the various companies in Canada.

In this position, you must possess good interpersonal skills, and self-motivation, and be available to start work as soon as possible. In addition, you must have experience operating farm equipment and have a good understanding of farm machinery.

As far as the skills required for a general farm worker position are concerned, you should be a team player, organized, and able to perform repetitive tasks with minimal supervision. Those who possess interpersonal and judgment skills are desirable for the role, and you should also be flexible enough to adapt to a variety of environments.

You must also be willing to work outside in hot weather for extended periods of time and in a confined space. Moreover, you should be able to maintain a high level of concentration in loud and noisy surroundings, as well as high-raised farmlands. Moreover, you should not have any problems with nausea when working in high-odor areas.

Job Description

A Job Description for a Farm Laborer in Canada may be just what you’re looking for. Farm Laborers perform most tasks related to farming, including planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. They often use hand tools to cultivate crops, apply fertilizer, and use pesticides.

Other duties include weeding, pruning, picking crops, and performing farm maintenance and repair. A Farm Laborer may also be a part of a team and participate in post-harvest treatments.

In Canada, there are many types of farm Worker jobs. General farm Worker positions are available full-time, part-time, seasonal, and immigrant jobs. These jobs may involve a combination of full-time work and seasonal employment.

Immigrant farm workers are required to meet minimum wage requirements and work full-time. Immigrant workers may also be eligible for Farm Laborer jobs in Canada if they meet certain requirements, including working minimum hours and a high-quality wage.

Fox Harb’r Resort

The resort is seeking a General Farm Labourer to work on its farms. Located in Harbour, this resort has over 250 employees, including over 50 farm hands. In addition to daily work tasks, the resort has onsite spas, luxury suites, and various outdoor activities.

A Farm Laborer will have the opportunity to use his or her hands and learn new skills while enjoying the scenery and tranquility of the countryside.

The Fox Harb’r Resort is a luxury resort in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a 4 Diamond property that boasts world-class golf, a luxury spa, and locally-sourced gourmet cuisine. Its employees are required to abide by all health and safety regulations. Fox Harb’r Resort offers a unique career experience in a World-class setting, which includes an attractive compensation package.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Fox Harb’r Resort
Post Name Farm Laborer
Qualification Ability to work both independently with little supervision and as part of a team.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$13.50 Hourly
Location Wallace, NS, Canada B0K 0A7


If you’re interested in working as a farm laborer in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. The country has many agricultural fruit farms looking for foreign workers. The Canadian authorities have several regulations and guidelines for farm laborers.

Some firms offer free lodging and deduct the value of laborers’ VISAs. Anyone who is legally able to work in Canada is eligible to apply for agricultural laborer positions.

There are a variety of types of farm worker positions, including seasonal and full-time positions. Generally speaking, farmworkers work during daylight hours but can also work overnight and during the weekends.

While there are many other countries that offer farm laborer opportunities, Canada is a great place to start your career. Canada offers a stable, profitable, and meaningful career that pays well and offers an excellent standard of living.


Your resume should highlight your transferable skills and emphasize your work ethic and teamwork. Include skills that you learned while working on a farm, such as maintaining equipment and preparing the soil for various processes.

You should also highlight your physical stamina, endurance, and commitment to teamwork. You can emphasize your work ethic in a short statement describing how you worked hard to achieve your goals.

You can include your work history, a recent picture of yourself working in the industry, and a brief description of your experience.

If you have a strong desire to work on farms, you can look for a job in the agricultural sector. These vacancies are seasonal and can be full or part-time. The hours can vary, but they usually fall within the hours of 05:00 to 15:00.


If you’re interested in a career in agriculture, becoming a farm laborer is an excellent choice. Farm laborers perform a range of tasks related to growing crops, including planting seeds, pruning trees, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and applying fertilizers and pesticides.

They also help farmers repair fences and some farm equipment. Other responsibilities include helping to repair buildings and fences and participating in irrigation activities.

General farm workers are responsible for planting crops, raising livestock and poultry, and maintaining the infrastructure of a farm. They operate machinery and maintain buildings and equipment.

General farm workers may specialize in one type of crop or livestock production, or they may work for multiple farms. To qualify, applicants must be Canadian citizens or hold a valid work permit.

Job Benefits

Many Canadian farmers are benefiting from the benefits of Farm Laborer recruitment in Canada. These workers are paid well over the minimum wage in Canada, and contracts typically last between six weeks and eight months.

Contracts can be in the fields of food processing, ginseng, greenhouses, or flower production. The Farm Labor Programme also offers an additional benefit: Home Saving. The government of Canada deducts 25 percent of the workers’ salary from their wages. Five percent is sent to the Canadian liaison office while the remaining 20 percent goes to the worker’s savings account.

The remuneration is excellent and allows employees to save for their future. They also receive free meals and accommodation, a company-paid vehicle, and public health and education. These are all great benefits to anyone considering Farm Laborer recruitment in Canada.

If you’re interested in a farm job in Canada, consider applying through a recruitment agency! It’s easier than ever to apply for a farm job in Canada than you think. All you need to do is fill out an application form and you’ll be contacted shortly.


The average farm laborer in Canada earns a gross salary of $29,250 per year or about  $15 per hour. The salary also includes an average bonus of $382.  The salary potential is predicted to increase by 10% within five years. The salary range for this occupation varies from region to region.

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