Recruitment For Greenhouse Harvest Worker in Canada

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Recruitment For Greenhouse Harvest Worker in Canada

Are you looking for a new job? Then, you may have stumbled across the Recruitment for Greenhouse Harvest Worker in Canada. Here, you’ll learn more about the position, the company you’ll be working for, and the details you need to apply.

If you’re interested, apply today! The Tree Time Services Company is seeking a Greenhouse Harvest Worker with experience and knowledge of greenhouse harvesting.

Urgent Recruitment for Greenhouse Harvest Worker

Are you interested in working as a greenhouse harvest worker? This is an excellent opportunity for someone who loves growing plants. The company provides accommodation and board, along with a variety of compensation benefits.

Greenhouse harvest workers are in high demand and must be experienced to work safely in a climate-controlled environment. The job description includes all aspects of growing, harvesting, packing, and delivering plants. To apply, read on for more information.

To meet the demands of the industry, employers must recruit Canadians and permanent residents. Under TFWP, this industry employs 60% of TFWs. However, there are approximately 15,000 urgent vacancies in this field.

These vacancies are complicated by recruitment obligations, mandatory public health protocols, and travel restrictions in Canada.

Job Description

If you have been dreaming of a career in the growing industry, then consider applying to work as a greenhouse harvest worker in Canada. This full-time position is available on a flexible work schedule and requires you to work for several hours per day.

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and are willing to travel can work at a greenhouse farm in Ontario, Canada. The LMIA has approved this position, so you can apply with confidence.

The job description of a greenhouse harvest worker includes a variety of tasks, including transplanting plants, potting them, and maintaining the grounds. Some of these jobs also require the worker to conduct project set-ups, apply pesticides, and maintain proper plant-care levels.

They may also be responsible for planting flowers and vegetables and following instructions, such as the depth of soil and the time required for germination. They must also be skilled in various aspects of caring for greenhouses. Some of these skills include keeping bees, fertilizing crops, and trimming shrubs.

Tree Time Services Company

If you’re interested in working in a greenhouse or nursery, you may be wondering whether there’s a program for you. In fact, there are several. The specifics of each program depend on your interests, experience, and length of stay in Canada. If you’re interested, however, here are some facts about each one. To get started, complete a simple application form. After that, you’ll be on your way to a rewarding career in horticulture!

Job Details

Hiring Organization Tree Time Services
Post Name Greenhouse Harvest Worker
Qualification Experience working in a production greenhouse is an asset
Industry Business
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $15.00 to $17.50 per hour
Location AB, Canada T4X 0M8


If you’re looking for a job as a greenhouse harvest worker, you’ve come to the right place. Tree Time Services is hiring an individual for a full-time position. In addition to working flexible hours, the position is also paid well.

The position is approved by LMIA. To get started on your career in horticulture, read about the job details and the application process.

To be able to work in a greenhouse, you should have at least an A-level or a secondary-level education. You may have to complete several months or years of on-the-job training before you can qualify for the job.

In addition to education, you should also have experience in using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. You can progress to a supervisory role with experience. You can apply through the provincial nominee program.


A successful candidate must be able to follow biosecurity protocols, keep a record of pesticide applications, and detect crop diseases and disorders. A greenhouse worker would also be required to maintain a constant water supply for the farm.

In addition to this, the job also involves selecting products according to their size and ripeness, assisting in their storage, and reporting regularly to the farm manager. In addition, candidates who speak French or Spanish are considered an advantage.

The job description of the position can vary depending on what the agency wants from the person applying for the job. Sometimes, they can be a supervisor.

However, this would depend on the level of supervision offered by the company. On other occasions, they can be the janitorial crew. Sometimes, they can also be a marketing assistant.


A greenhouse worker’s daily duties are diverse. Besides picking plants for customers, they may also be responsible for maintaining the grounds of the greenhouse and providing assistance to heavy equipment operators.

Other duties include applying pesticides and fertilizers, repairing greenhouse structures, and maintaining nursery stock and bedding plants. Though a greenhouse worker does not need a formal education to work in this field, it will be helpful if he has completed high school.

Another duty of a greenhouse worker is to observe crop development and remove plants that are substandard. This job requires the worker to keep a record of crop growth data and conduct technical procedures.

He must also be responsible for monitoring crop growth and maintenance, dispensing fertilizers and pesticides, and coordinating with the biological control department. The worker may also interact with customers and complete transactional tasks. The greenhouse worker may also has to coordinate with other departments and delegate duties to workers.

Job Benefits

A greenhouse harvest worker’s job duties typically include transplanting and potting plants. In addition to transplanting and potting plants, this job involves maintaining the grounds, applying pesticides, and building structures and accessories for the greenhouse.

They also plant flowers and vegetables, following guidelines for germination time, soil depth, and moisture levels. This job requires good interpersonal skills and strong physical stamina. In addition to physical requirements, a greenhouse harvest worker may be required to work on teams.

Here are some of the job benefits of a greenhouse harvest worker: This job offers a wide range of job benefits, including the opportunity to work in an industry that positively impacts millions of people. In fact, people will always need food, and greenhouse farming fulfills a basic human need.

It can also be highly satisfying and is very rewarding to be part of a growing industry that provides such a valuable service to the community.


In Canada, the average salary for a greenhouse harvest worker is $27,300 per year or $14 per hour. Entry-level positions start at  $25,389 per year, and the highest-paid workers can earn up to $29,718 a year.

As the average salary for a greenhouse harvest worker varies, consider the different compensation benefits that are available to those who work in the industry.

A person working in a greenhouse must be at least 18 years old. In order to work in a greenhouse, applicants must have some experience in agriculture and greenhouse production. If possible, they should have a degree in agriculture.

A good understanding of how greenhouses are operated and produced is helpful. Applicants must be flexible and strong, as the work can be strenuous. The salary for a greenhouse harvest worker in Canada depends on their experience and educational background.

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