Recruitment For Waiter/Waitress in Canada

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Recruitment For Waiter/Waitress in Canada

Are you looking for Urgent Recruitment for a Waiter/Waitress? Rubs American BBQ Company is hiring waiters and waitresses right now! Check out their Job Description to see what you can do in this position! Then, follow the links below to apply online! Getting a job with Rubs is easy! We’ve compiled the details of the job so you can find the job of your dreams!

Urgent Recruitment for Waiter/Waitress

If you are a foreign national and are considering immigrating to Canada, you may be interested in working as a waiter/waitress. In Canada, waiters/waitresses are responsible for delivering food and drinks to tables, ensuring that customers are satisfied, and presenting the bills.

Applicants may submit their resumes online or in-person to get a job. Some restaurant positions may require a resume. Resumes should highlight skills that relate to the position. If possible, list your relevant work experience in reverse chronological order. Use resume examples and templates to create a compelling resume.

Job Descriptions

While most waiter positions do not require experience, it is helpful if the applicant is familiar with the basics, such as cleaning tables and washing dishes. However, certain positions require more experience and specialized skills.

Waiters and waitresses are required to greet and serve restaurant patrons. They are expected to take orders, bring trays to tables, and answer questions about menu items. They are also expected to be polite and accommodating to guests with dietary restrictions. The job description of a waiter/waitress may be extensive or simple. However, a successful waiter or waitress should be patient and able to handle difficult situations.

The job of a waiter/waitress involves serving and preparing food for patrons. They also advise on food and beverage selections, clean the dining room, and brew coffee. Other duties may be assigned, depending on the establishment’s size and type. They may also be responsible for clearing tables and the counters at the end of the meal.

Rubs American BBQ Company

If you’re in the mood for some great smoked meat, rubs American BBQ is looking for a talented waiter/waitress to join their team in Canada. As a host, you’ll be the first point of contact for customers, delivering food and drinks in a timely manner and taking care of all of the small details of the dining area.

In addition to the typical duties of a waiter, you’ll also be responsible for cleaning tables and maintaining the appearance of tableware. You must be a team player with a high school diploma and previous waitressing experience.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Rubs American BBQ
Post Name Waiter/Waitress
Qualification Must have prior experience as a waiter/waitress.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$15 to CA$25 Hourly
Location Laval, QC, Canada H7A 0A1


If you’re planning to work as a waiter or waitress in a hotel, you should consider applying for a waiter/waitress job in Canada. You can also apply if you are from a gulf country. Whether you’re looking for a permanent position or a temporary one, Canadian jobs in hotels are open to nationals of all countries.

Requirements for Waiter/Washer recruitment in Canada vary. Some positions require formal training, such as completion of a two-year apprenticeship program or a College or vocational school course. Others require on-the-job training.

In many provinces, you must complete an English-language proficiency test (TOEFL) and be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Some positions also require experience as a wine steward.

For example, waiters have a targeted occupation category. They are included on the National Occupation Code In-Demand List, indicating a high demand for candidates with the right skills. While waiter/waitress recruitment in Canada requires a job offer, there are other options for those with the required skills and education.

As with any occupation, if you qualify for Canadian immigration, you can enjoy benefits that may not be available in your country.


Awaiting the recruitment for a Waiter/Waitress position? Then read on to discover more about the requirements of the position. Awaiting a call for applicants will include specific requirements that a Canadian employer is looking for in a candidate. Listed below are some of the most important points you should consider for this position.

First and foremost, you should be able to provide exceptional guest service. Be knowledgeable about the menu, personalize drinks, and process payments. You should also be physically fit and know how to serve food in a professional manner.

Remember to use an appropriate uniform and to follow proper food safety regulations. For a more impressive resume, you may want to consider working nights. The waiter/waitress position is not for everyone.

While a waiter/waitress position has many responsibilities, they are a valuable addition to your resume. This position involves a lot of interactions with clients, honing soft skills, and is an excellent way to network. You will also develop your confidence and become a better communicator. All of these skills will be valuable for any resume and may help you land a better job.


In the hospitality and tourism industry, waiters/waitresses serve food and drink. They welcome and greet guests, take orders, and communicate those orders to the kitchen. In addition to taking orders, waiters and waitresses may also recommend desserts, appetizers, or drinks for guests to enjoy.

Waiters and waitresses serve food and drinks to customers in a variety of establishments. They also take orders, relay them to the kitchen, and prepare bills at the end of the night.

As part of the service industry, waiters and waitresses must be personable, attentive to details, and customer-focused. In addition, waiters and waitresses must have good communication skills and the patience to deal with difficult customers.

Awaited by customers, waiters, and waitresses serve food and drinks. They are an integral part of a restaurant’s service team and ensure that the overall experience is a positive one. Specific duties vary from establishment to establishment. In casual dining restaurants, servers are responsible for providing fast, efficient, and courteous service. At fine-dining establishments, servers focus on personal service and may even recommend wine pairings with specific dishes.

Job Benefits

The waiting industry is booming in Canada, and there are many job opportunities available for candidates from Gulf countries looking to advance their careers. Waiter/waitress recruitment in Canada offers many job benefits, including free housing, a great working environment, and a competitive salary. The application process is free and open to any nationality. The hotel industry has a long tradition of employing locals and international talent.

Salaries for waiters and waitresses are incredibly high and include housing, transportation, and other benefits. Salaries for waiter/waitress recruitment in Canada vary widely based on experience, skills, and gender. While waiter/waitress recruitment in Canada offers a steady, secure salary, many foreign nationals prefer this work environment over a more demanding career.


The average waiter/waitress salary in Canada is about $27,300 per year or $14 per hour. This salary can vary significantly depending on years of experience, company, and level of training. A waiter/waitress can earn up to $29,251 per year.

As a waiter/waitress in Canada, you can earn a salary that is well below minimum wage. The highest paying employers include hotels, coffee bars, and restaurants. The lowest-paying positions are in retail and hospitality, while the highest-paying ones are in the service industry. In addition, waiters/waitresses can also work at a hotel or a food and beverage outlet.

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