Utility Worker Jobs in Canada

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Utility Worker Jobs in Canada

If you are interested in a career in the Utility Worker field, then you should keep reading! Below, you will discover more information on the Utility Worker job opportunities in Canada. You can apply for the utility worker job through the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

The contractor will provide you with the necessary training. The salary is also very competitive. This job is available in many locations across Canada. This article will discuss how to apply for the utility worker job in the Cowichan Valley Regional District, BC.

Urgent Recruitment for Utility Worker

The job of a Utility Worker entails using various hand and power tools, large specialized equipment such as man-lifts and genies, and performing related duties. Utility Workers follow established guidelines and exercise judgment in carrying out tasks.

Poor work practices may lead to damage to public property and safety concerns for other staff. Most work is performed in public areas and requires the use of heavy equipment. Utility workers can be found in a wide variety of job roles.

The role of a Utility Worker is to supervise skilled work in the absence of a Crew Supervisor. This job requires a thorough understanding of safety procedures and the use of tools and equipment. Other duties include reviewing the work of subordinates and performing other related duties.

In some cases, an Underground Maintenance Coordinator will visit a site where there may be emergency situations to determine what type of action is required and who is responsible.

Job Description

Utility Workers work in a variety of settings, including construction sites, parks, and universities. They are often required to use various hand and power tools, large equipment like man-lifts and genies, and complete related duties.

Utility Workers operate within well-defined guidelines and exercise judgment when performing their duties. Inadequate work practices can result in damage to the property of a university, while failure to report problems can compromise the safety of other staff members.

In addition, they are often required to work in public areas, including sidewalks, trails, gardens, and public parks.

Utilities are in need of Utility Workers for the first, second, and third shifts. They work on eight-hour, 10-hour shifts. They perform general laboring functions, such as moving heavy equipment, as well as other basic jobs.

A Utility Worker must maintain a clean working environment and a positive attitude toward guests. They also maintain sanitation equipment, including the sewer and dishwashing stations.

Cowichan Valley Regional District

There are many different jobs available in the Cowichan Valley Regional District. These jobs are all part of a government department. Cowichan Valley Regional District jobs include utility worker, planning assistant, and more.

To apply for this utility worker position, you must have a degree or an equivalent level of experience. The preferred candidate will have completed a Water/Wastewater Operators program. However, candidates from any program may also apply.

Successful applicants must also have experience operating motorized and hand-held equipment. A valid Class 5 BC driver’s license is also required. A First Aid Level I or CPR certification is also required.

Other qualifications include the ability to build and maintain positive working relationships with others, listen to and follow directions, and be willing to learn.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Cowichan Valley Regional District
Post Name Utility Worker
Qualification  A minimum of one (1) year of experience in cleaning, housekeeping, and facility and grounds maintenance is required.
Industry Energy and Environment
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $29 to $29 Hourly
Location Mill Bay, BC V0R 2P0


In addition to good physical strength, manual dexterity, and a passion for construction, a Utility Worker also needs a wide knowledge of cleaning equipment. A good utility worker will have the skills to repair light fixtures, repair equipment, and keep their work areas clean and safe.

Additionally, this job requires workers to perform basic landscaping duties such as tree trimming and weeding. Interested individuals should be familiar with these duties in order to find the right job for them.

In addition to general maintenance, utility workers are responsible for the construction, repair, and maintenance of public buildings. Other duties may include woodworking, plumbing, and electrical work.

General duties will depend on the location and requirements of the business. Regardless of the job title, the Utility Worker must maintain a positive attitude toward guests, clients, and co-workers.

They may also perform other tasks as necessary. They are expected to keep a clean work environment and clean utensils and dishes.


As a utility worker, you’ll need to know how to use and maintain a variety of tools, machinery, and equipment to complete your daily duties. You’ll need manual dexterity and physical strength to carry out your duties and follow detailed instructions.

The best utility workers are a jack-of-all-trades. Their skills range from operating heavy equipment to repairing lights. They’ll also need to keep their work areas clean and safe. Utility workers may also perform basic landscaping duties, such as tree trimming, weeding, and watering plants.

With so many workers aging, the utility industry is expected to face a severe labor shortage. Because of this, many job openings will be available for college graduates who can apply their knowledge to the sector.

The average age of workers in the utility industry is 45, meaning that many workers will retire within 10 years. These employees are likely to need more training, as their jobs require extensive on-the-job training.


A job as a utility worker requires you to be physically fit, be able to read work orders, and have a high degree of manual dexterity. This job also requires a strong sense of safety, as you will be operating heavy machinery and handling toxic cleaning chemicals.

The responsibilities of a utility worker can vary depending on the type of utility you work for, but some duties will be the same no matter what type of utility you work for.

A utility labor position involves reporting to a site supervisor and assisting construction crews on utility projects. This position typically requires travel to different work sites within the Greater Toronto Area.

They are also responsible for cleaning construction sites, moving materials, and performing demolition. Some jobs require working in hazardous environments and using specialized equipment, such as CDL-licensed trucks.

Other duties may include locating underground utilities, flagging, and performing radio communications.

Job Benefits

Utility workers are responsible for many aspects of general maintenance. These workers are responsible for public buildings, trail maintenance, painting, and electrical and plumbing work. Some utility workers perform construction work as well.

These workers may also be asked to restore historic buildings. They must be physically fit to work in this field and must have two years of experience or equivalent education. Benefits of utility worker jobs in Canada include a stable salary and good benefits.


If you’re thinking about a career as a utility worker, you’ve probably wondered what the average salary is in Canada. Compared to other professions, utility workers have higher accident and injury rates. However, salaries for utility workers are increasing, as are the benefits of this job.

A utility worker’s salary is highly dependent on the region of the country you live in and the years of experience you have. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data for salary ranges according to experience and education level, as well as contacts and environment.

But it is important to note that salaries vary greatly between cities. If you have an advanced degree, you can expect to make at least $41,925 per year.

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