Warehouse Manager Jobs in Canada

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Warehouse Manager Jobs in Canada

Warehouse Manager is an important role that can define your career path. As a Warehouse Manager, you’ll have the responsibility for overseeing the storage of materials and ensuring that they’re stored in the correct quantity and conditions.

The Warehouse Manager must be a highly organized and meticulous person who can effectively manage a diverse team. This is a challenging and rewarding position that will give you a lot of responsibility. If you think you have what it takes to succeed in this role, then you should look no further.

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Canada’s warehouse industry is in need of qualified candidates for these positions. The demand for warehouse jobs has increased rapidly over the past five years, and the supply of workers is expected to meet the demand.

With such high demand, this is a great time to start looking for a warehouse job. The salaries and benefits are competitive, and most jobs in Canada are visa sponsored.

Job Description

A Description of Warehouse Manager jobs in Canada includes the duties of a person in this role. These jobs are responsible for overseeing a team of warehouse workers, managing operations, and overseeing customer relations.

The warehouse manager should have at least two years of experience, and preferably more. During this time, you will need to acquire considerable knowledge of the workings of a warehouse, including customer relationships and material handling.

The role of a warehouse manager involves overseeing the receipt, storage, and distribution of goods. The job requires a high level of organizational skills and attention to detail. They must be able to keep stock secure, as well as manage system processes.

The position also involves system processes, such as security and tracking of stock. A warehouse manager is responsible for the organization’s systems and ensuring that employees are delivering and processing customer orders efficiently and accurately.

Creative Door Services Ltd. Company

For a Warehouse Manager position with Creative Door Services, you would work with the company’s team of over three hundred professionals and oversee the fulfillment of orders.

You would also assist in the fulfillment of LTL and parcel orders, handle inventory counts, and enter the necessary information. To help the company achieve its goals, the warehouse associate must possess the required skills.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Creative Door Services Ltd.
Post Name Warehouse Manager
Qualification Experience in the industry with a service and installation or distribution company, preferably in a construction environment
Industry Transportation and Storage
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$60,000 to CA$90,000 Annually
Location Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2P


This position is a critical one in a warehouse, directing the receiving, warehousing, and value-adding service function of a company. Its responsibilities are varied, and the job holder must make sure all processes are carried out smoothly and productivity targets are met.

The warehouse manager has the responsibility to organize the daily operations of a warehouse and develop the entire team. They must have a working knowledge of warehouse management systems and be able to establish a budget and adhere to it.

In addition to leading a team, the Warehouse Manager must also be able to supervise and develop their staff, implement best operational practices, and initiate improvements within the warehouse.

Finally, the Warehouse Manager must have sufficient knowledge of transportation and the logistics systems used to transport products.


In addition to overseeing daily warehouse operations, a Warehouse Manager also needs to develop and train a team of employees. In addition to ensuring the safety of employees, this role requires you to complete certifications for order pickers, forklifts, and warehouse equipment.

You will also need to initiate and oversee projects to improve the warehouse and the logistics used to transport products.

A warehouse manager will need at least two years of experience in a similar role. Additionally, the role also requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

This position also requires a thorough knowledge of the department’s processes and must be capable of establishing good relationships with employees and customers.

It is an excellent opportunity for someone who is dedicated to the warehouse and enjoys working with hard-working individuals. And while these positions are generally administrative, previous management experience is a huge plus.


A Warehouse Manager’s job description gives a short overview of the job’s responsibilities. The role of a Warehouse Manager is career-defining, as he or she ensures proper storage, distribution, and processing of materials.

The responsibilities of warehouse manager jobs include the management of multiple warehouses. In addition to overseeing the warehouse operations, they also establish goals and set targets for employees.

In addition to this, they are also responsible for the physical distribution manuals and the tracking of auto expenses. Warehouse managers report to the Operations Manager and work closely with other departments including Purchasing, Shipping, and Production.

The position also involves system processes, such as security and tracking of stock. A warehouse manager is responsible for the organization’s systems and ensuring that employees are delivering and processing customer orders efficiently and accurately.

It also involves a high level of communication, ensuring that all processes are completed in a timely manner.

Job Benefits

As the lead person in a warehouse, you will oversee daily operations, oversee the hiring and firing of employees, and help the company with disciplinary actions. The warehouse manager will also help with recruitment and development and provide recommendations for process improvement.

Aside from managing the warehouse, you’ll also be responsible for following a specific set of processes, such as ordering, shipping, and receiving goods. And, as the job title implies, you’ll oversee the overall management of a warehouse, ranging from picking to packing and delivering goods.

A warehouse manager oversees operations in a warehouse and will be responsible for ensuring that goods are stored properly. They’ll also be responsible for liaising with customers and other stakeholders, ensuring proper space and equipment are available and maintaining inventory of items.

Candidates for warehouse manager positions should have a minimum of two or three years of experience in a busy environment. In addition, they should be experienced in administration. Having previous management experience is helpful, as the majority of the role is administrative.


A Warehouse Manager’s salary can vary greatly depending on experience and the company. The average salary for this position in Canada is $60,000 per year or $30.77 per hour. You can earn more by working in a company that offers better benefits. Read on for more information.

The salary for a Warehouse Manager in Canada varies widely, but the median is approximately $60,000 per year or $30.77 per hour. The average salary for entry-level Warehouse Managers is $46,393 per year, while the average salary of experienced warehouse managers is $80,000 per year.

However, the salary for a Warehouse Manager varies greatly, and you should always remember to consider your passion for this position before applying.

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