Who we are

This doesn’t have a definite answer as the way the question is being asked varies from individual to individual. 

We are Korablog.net

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


We collect comments dropped by visitors on our platform. We also save their IP address, the browser used, and others. This is done in order to detect and prevent spam.


On no circumstances should you upload images with location data embedded in it. As other visitors can download it and can detect or extra your location from it. 


For any comment dropped on our platform, you have the option of allowing your details to be saved for future use. Choosing to save these details will help save you the time and stress of inputting again when you drop another comment. These details will be saved and available for a year.

For any visit to our sign-in page, a temporary cookie is set up to validate your browser acceptance of cookies. This is always discarded immediately you close your browser.

For any content published on our platform, a cookie is saved on your browser. It contains no personal data and it’s only available for a day.

For how long do we keep your data

For any comment, you dropped on your platform, we indefinitely saved it and its metadata. We did this so we can easily recognize and quickly approve other comments from you.

Do you any rights over your data

You have complete right over comments dropped on the platform, you can decide to request for all the data we may have collected that belongs to you. You can as well ask for it to be permanently deleted from our platform. Although, there might be an exception as we reserve the right to keep some data for legal, security, and administrative purposes.