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Many who go to Canada as a temporary visitor or an immigrant will find that there are employment opportunities in the agricultural sector for those with the proper education and experience.

It is no longer just a United States or British phenomenon. Agriculture in Canada has been thriving for many years. As a result, there are positions to be had in Canada for those seeking gainful employment in this field.

When you find yourself wanting to immigrate to Canada to avail of a job in the farming sector, you will have to familiarize yourself with the country’s requirements before you start your job search.

First, you must choose between several feedlot employers. There are many contractors, grain elevators, and storage yards that advertise these jobs online and offline.

Each of the contracts may stipulate different qualifications for workers. Your recruiter may be able to help you decide which job is best suited to your skills and experience.

As most recruiters have offices and contacts in various regions of Canada, they will be able to give you advice on the best options for your temporary residence.

You should also inform your recruiter that you plan to bring other workers with you. This information may affect which jobs you are sent to as some employers do not want workers coming in alone.

You may need to notify the recruiter immediately so they can find appropriate workers for your area. Having an employee specifically designated to look for potential workers can help speed up the process.

Once you have chosen a few potential employers, your recruiter should keep you informed of their progress in contacting suitable workers.

They may use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to post your updates and make you aware of new job openings. They may also send you press releases or news letters regarding available positions.

By staying in touch with your recruiter, you can stay abreast of new trends in the industry and find out which jobs will be best for you.

Each worker will have his or her own specific requirements. Therefore, it is important to let your recruiter know what these are so that you can tailor your job search to suit the needs of each worker.

Some workers may prefer to work closer to their homes while others may prefer a more flexible schedule. Other characteristics such as honesty and integrity may also influence the decision of the employer as well.

You may be required to submit an application package in addition to a resume or CV. Your package should include details about your training, work history, education and other achievements.

The employer will need to know what type of worker you are, for example, a skilled worker who has experience in the agricultural sector or a construction worker who has experience in high rise buildings.

It is important to keep your personal details and any references contained within your documents safe. Recruitment agencies in particular are cautious about who they are supplying information to and you could find yourself in danger of losing your chance for a job.

It is also important to ensure that your passport, insurance and related documents are up to date. It may even be worthwhile having an international work permit on hand so that if you do win a feedlot position, you will have the assurance that you are legally permitted to live and work in the country to which you are applying.

When you have submitted your application and completed all the requirements, the recruiter will make a final assessment and determine whether you meet the prerequisites for a feedlot job.

This may include a personal interview, a written evaluation and a physical test. If accepted, you will be given an application package which will include details of the payment process, the work location and details of the timetable.

If you wish to bring your dog to work, you will need a veterinarian’s license and this must be supplied by the recruiter when you are hired.

A final appeal stage will include an opportunity for you to give further information. It is very important to follow the rules and regulations and remain dedicated throughout the entire application process.

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