Recruitment For Passenger Service Agent In Canada – Apply Now!!!

Passenger Service Agent Jobs in Canada

The airline industry is looking for qualified individuals to fill Passenger Service Agent jobs. These people are responsible for a variety of duties such as issuing tickets, passenger check-in, and tracking lost or stolen luggage.

They also process mileage points and carry on related customer service duties. This job role is a part of NOC 6523, the airline industry.

If you have previous experience in a similar position in the carrier company, then this can also be included in your resume. Your knowledge about the working environment of the company will also serve as your advantage when you apply for a passenger agent position.

Urgent Recruitment for Passenger Service Agent

Passenger service agents provide general support to airline passengers, often in airports and other transportation hubs. They help ticketed passengers check in, print boarding passes, and ensure they have all the right documents to board a plane.

Airlines also station passenger service agents at each gate prior to and during boarding, answering passenger questions and assigning seats and scanning boarding passes. They can also help passengers rebook after delays.

Job Description

A Passenger Service Agent’s job is to provide excellent customer service while traveling. They handle many aspects of traveling, from checking in passengers to making announcements and processing luggage.

They may even assist passengers with rebookings or cancellations. They may also work in a team setting. A Passenger Service Agent must be friendly and patient in stressful situations.

This is especially important when dealing with passengers with special needs. For example, patience may be needed to help an unaccompanied minor board a plane.

By providing excellent customer service, a successful agent can help passengers enjoy their journey and encourage them to come back to fly.

The job description of a Passenger Service Agent also includes duties related to airport security. A Passenger Service Agent must be knowledgeable about airport security and procedures, and must be able to complete tasks within a set timeframe.

In addition, they must know the rules and regulations regarding baggage handling and checkpoint security.

TriCom Quest Company

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Job Details

Hiring OrganizationTriCom Quest
Post NamePassenger Service Agent
QualificationMust be flexible to work any shift schedules including weekends and holidays
Employment TypeFull-Time
Work Hours8 Hours
SalaryCA$40,000 to CA$45,000 Annually
LocationVancouver, BC, Canada V5K 0A1

Passenger Service Agents are responsible for assisting airline passengers with check-in, ticketing, and other duties related to airline service.

They evaluate flights, direct passengers, process standby requests, and keep track of luggage. In addition, they process claims for delayed and damaged luggage.

If you want to be a passenger agent in Canada, then the first step that you need to take is of course to enroll yourself in any recruitment agencies or travel schools.

You will need to know what qualifications you need to have and what is needed to qualify as a Canadian passenger agent.

You must have a valid passport and all the other requirements needed to become a full-time employee. You will also need to undergo training and examinations before being considered for a position with a reputed Canadian company.

If you have already been enlisted into a recruitment agency or a school, then you can expect that your agent resume will be sent by the company to various airlines and hotels throughout Canada.


If you are looking for Passenger Service Agent jobs in Canada, you should know what skills employers look for in their candidates. You should consider taking continuing education courses and volunteer work to develop your skills and knowledge of the industry.

This will help you prepare for your next opportunity and advance in your current position. It is also important to know how to create a strong resume that reflects your previous experience.

As a passenger service agent forairlines in Canada, you will have a unique opportunity to work for Canada’s flag carrier, which is recognized as one of the best airlines in the world.

Your duties will include checking in passengers, ensuring they have the correct bags, and assisting passengers with any special needs. You will also be required to push wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

As a passenger agent in Canada, you are required to have certain skills, such as great communication skills, multi-tasking ability, the ability to make presentations, good customer service skills and the ability to deal with diverse people from different backgrounds.

You also need to be very organized, responsible and hardworking. Canadian employers are looking for these traits, and you may need to put them to the test during the interview process.

As a passenger service agent, you will need to be an excellent customer service representative. You will support the Customer Service Coordinator and handle customer complaints in a professional and courteous manner. You will also work with special needs passengers and unaccompanied minors.


Passenger service agents work inside airport terminals, providing customer service to airline customers and assisting them in checking in and out of flights. They are expected to have excellent communication, organizational, and integrity skills.

They also perform tasks like issuing airline tickets, examining identifying documents, and assisting passengers through the TSA.

Passenger Service Agents provide exceptional customer service to travelers, resolving complaints, processing refunds, and selling products to customers. They must have excellent communication and organizational skills, and should be able to identify business opportunities.

These individuals are responsible for assisting travelers and providing information regarding flight schedules, lost luggage, and upgrades. Other duties include processing guest luggage and assisting passengers with mobility aids.

Job Benefits

Passenger service agent jobs in Canada offer a steady income and a range of benefits. These jobs may involve assisting airline customers and checking passengers in.

There is also an opportunity for advancement if you obtain a higher-level degree or get some management experience. In addition, the job can be part-time, especially in the summer months.

Typical responsibilities of a passenger service agent include checking passengers in and out, providing seat numbers and boarding passes, and assisting passengers in the airport. These jobs require a high level of patience and attention to detail.

They must also be able to deal with passengers who are angry or stressed about delays or cancellations. In addition to dealing with passengers, these agents may also be responsible for cleaning, deicing, and directing the movement of aircraft, requiring them to work in all types of weather.


There are many cities in Canada where a Passenger Service Agent can earn well above the average salary. In Ontario, North York tops the list, followed by Greater Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie. These cities pay more than the average salary in Ontario by an average of 12.5% and 18.8%.

A Passenger Service Agent’s salary can range anywhere from $29,089 per year to $37,635 per year, depending on experience and location.

If you have a higher education, you can earn an even higher salary. You may be able to advance your income further with an advanced degree, or gain experience as a manager.