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As you know, the Recruitment and Labor Management Act of Canada restricts the number of hours that an employer can hire from their pool of candidates.

The limit is hourly, and if your recruiter requests any less than hourly, he is breaking the law and may be subject to hefty fines.

However, many utility workers aren’t paid on an hourly basis and don’t qualify for benefits or security in the event they are terminated. So, how do you find out if you have the right skills to work for Canada Gas, electrical, and cable?

Check with the Canadian Labor Board. They have a list of jobs that are covered by the act. This doesn’t mean that all jobs are covered, however.

You should first check for yourself to determine whether you meet the general criteria for the job you’re interested in. You should also contact the local branch of the Canadian union, as well as the employer.

Try to get several opinions. As a result, you may come up with a few names of companies that you would like to talk with. However, you don’t want to rely on your own judgment.

Instead, you should get a third party to interview you and give you an honest assessment of your skills, qualifications, strengths and weaknesses.

This is especially important if you are looking for a job in a large urban center such as Toronto. In this case, it makes sense to choose a smaller town or city that has a well-developed employment market.

Ask for references. Before deciding to work with a recruiter, ask for their client references, which can include past and current employees. This will provide you with an objective, third-party assessment of their services.

Additionally, ask them for specific details about the type of utility worker they have recruited.

For instance, if you require some special training for the job, such as CPR, then you will need to ensure that the company has used a CPR-certified recruiter before and can provide you with details about their success rate.

Ask how many jobs they have been successful in securing. When you are getting a job as a utility worker, you obviously don’t want to settle for any job.

Therefore, if you are seriously considering applying for a job, you need to make sure that the recruiter has worked for companies before that have similar requirements.

It is also important to find out if the companies you are targeting cover different types of positions.

For example, some companies may only deal with road construction while others may focus on building structures that are used to maintain parks or public facilities. Therefore, you may need to do some research to determine the kind of job you are applying for.

Find out how much training and education the recruiter has received and what credentials he has. This information will be very useful when it comes time to interview or when you actually begin the job process.

Usually, companies prefer candidates who have at least a two-year diploma from an accredited college. The better your educational background, the more likely you are to succeed in the position.

Recruitment for utility workers is a difficult task but one that you can do successfully. By using the resources and information available, you will be able to succeed.

However, you should also be aware of the risks associated with being an unemployed worker. You may become injured on the job or experience other forms of problems due to unemployment.

To avoid these problems, you should choose the most experienced and reputable recruiting company you can find. By doing this, you will be able to get the job you need without any major issues.

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